When To Hire A Professional Copywriter

Do I need a professional copywriter? These are 5 occasions you’ll be glad you hired a pro!

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is someone that writes marketing, sales, and promotional / advertising text.

The text that is written is known as “copy” (hence “copywriter”) and it includes everything from the write-ups you see on websites, landing pages, and in e-mail campaigns to product or service descriptions on e-commerce websites, product catalogues and brochures, packaging, advertisements and beyond.

Note that copywriting is not the same as content writing. There are also differences in writing B2B vs B2C copy that you should know about.

Professional copywriter brainstorming and writing ideas down on paper

Are copywriters in demand?

Businesses in all industries; for-profit and non-profit organizations; startups and solopreneurs all need expert assistance—whether it’s for the dreaded “about us“ page or to simplify complex product descriptions—in writing effective sales and marketing copy that will help them achieve their goals.

A professional copywriter’s text has the power to build trust, attract a loyal following, boost revenue—and grow a business! That’s why copywriters are some of the most highly sought out freelance professionals.

Is a professional copywriter worth the money?

Every organization wants to save money.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or have an established brand that you want to grow—every cent of your marketing budget counts.

That’s why when it comes to marketing and sales copywriting, you aren’t alone in asking: can’t I just do it on my own? Is hiring a professional copywriter a wise investment? Moreover, when do I actually need one for my business?

Let’s take a look at a few instances where it absolutely makes sense to work with a professional copywriter.

Why hire a copywriter? Because you can’t write well!

How many times have you stared at your screen thinking you know what you want to say, so why can’t you figure out how to say it?

Or worse, you’re stuck because you don’t know what to write or where to even begin?

And how about all the times you’ve written content that you weren’t 100% confident about or happy with, so you didn’t want to publish it? But you did because, well, better than nothing?

Maybe English isn’t your first language. Or maybe it is, but you just aren’t a very good writer. Either way, while you don’t have to be the world’s greatest writer, you do have to be able to write well when you’re writing for your business. Remember that the quality of your writing affects far more than “just” the reading experience. Your priceless first impression, hard-to-earn credibility, and – consequently – sales all count on it!

Why hire a copywriter? Because you don’t have enough time to do things properly—or you need copy ASAP!

Your business moves at a fast pace.

That means you’re in constant need of fresh sales and marketing materials. Sometimes, you even need it urgently.

But how do you manage if you’re a time-starved solopreneur, a family-run business, or a small organization short of manpower? Not to mention when you’re already juggling so many other seemingly more critical tasks?

Setting aside time to write doesn’t work because your mind keeps flitting to all those other items on your to-do list. Then you find yourself interrupted by calls, getting up to check on that thing you forgot to do earlier in the day, or rushing out to meet with an important business partner.

(Spoiler alert: that’s probably why your website isn’t ranking well on search engines and why you’re stuck with uninspiring product descriptions that don’t land more sales. Or why your email campaigns aren’t getting the clicks you were expecting.)

Fact is, great copywriting takes time. You can’t relegate it to the back burner, you can’t rush it and you certainly can’t wing it—not when you have big dreams and objectives to meet.

Why hire a copywriter? Because everything you write sounds generic!

Your business isn’t generic and you aren’t just like the competition. So why is it that when you sit down and start writing, everything you develop sounds so “basic”? Like you could swap businesses A, B, and C with each other and no one would know the difference?

When you’re writing for your business – whether it’s your product’s packaging copy or a service description – you want to make it clear why customers should choose you.

You need to be able to highlight what makes you uniquely you and why all that matters to your stakeholders – because if you sound just like everybody else, then your customers can take their business anywhere else, too. In short: sounding like everybody else is the last thing you want.

Why hire a copywriter? Because you’re failing to connect with your audience!

Professional copywriter's open notebook with notes and ideas

It is all too common for businesses to write about themselves for themselves. And that often leads to tooting your own horn (so to speak), without putting your desired audience front and center.

Have you ever wondered how your text lands with those outside your industry? Is it clear to your audience what you’re offering and what’s in it for them? Do your prospects even like you based on their first impression?

If you’re having trouble connecting with your target segments and struggling to convey your value, then chances are potential customers won’t be interested. They won’t get what makes you special either – and that’s a big problem. Because why should anyone choose you over the competition, when you can’t give any remarkable reasons why you’re the better option?

Why hire a copywriter? Because you aren’t achieving your marketing goals!

You’ve got a great product / service. You’ve got a hard-working team. And you’ve done everything you can afford to market your business.

  • Responsive website? Check.
  • Professional photographs? Check.
  • Paid ads and specialized landing pages? Check.
  • Attractive brochures? Check.
  • Regular email campaigns with sweet deals? Check.

So why on earth aren’t you selling more? Where are the inquiries? Why is your conversion rate so low?

While there can be many factors behind this, poorly written copy could be one of the reasons you aren’t doing as well as you thought you would.

For example:

  • Your calls to action could be ineffective.
  • What you’ve written isn’t as persuasive as you thought it was.
  • Your digital content might not even be optimized for search engines!

While it’s important to write well, communicating effectively is a crucial skill every small business owner needs to propel their brand forward.

Do I need a copywriter?

If you see yourself in any of the above situations, then there’s no doubt about it: the benefits of hiring a copywriter outweigh the cost—in any economy!

A professional copywriter isn’t there just to dot your I’s and cross your T’s or make your life easier. A copywriter works with you to define your brand voice, so you can connect with your audience.

A professional copywriter takes your big-picture idea and transforms it into copy that resonates with people.

A pro successfully articulates the problem you solve and – more importantly – why it matters.

And she’ll do it in a way that makes you shine!

Benefits of professional copywriting

Still not convinced? Here are a few additional advantages of working with a copywriter.

  • A copywriter brings with her an outsider’s perspective; a fresh point of view that can help you define what makes you different.
  • She will also help you simplify complicated ideas, so that the average person can easily understand your offer and take action.
  • A copywriter helps you craft text that sells without being overtly pushy or obvious.
  • The copywriter can capture the tone and style that you’ve always wanted but that you couldn’t get quite right.
  • You can be sure that your materials are grammatically correct and free of spelling and typographical errors!
  • For small businesses, working with a copywriter frees up valuable time that you can put towards other revenue-boosting, customer-facing or managerial tasks. (Or, you know, the chance to actually enjoy your morning coffee stress-free!)