The importance of compelling copy for hotel websites

Hotel websites have to rank well on search engines; be a source of pertinent information; create a great first impression; and facilitate bookings. That’s a lot of things. But ultimately, what matters most is how effective your website is in converting visitors into confirmed guests. That’s where copywriting comes in.

Just like any other business, hoteliers constantly have to work towards improving their bottom line. One way to do that is by growing direct bookings via hotel websites.

In other words: Your website’s content has to motivate visitors to book more nights and to do so directly rather than through an Online Travel Agency or bundling site, where you have to pay anywhere up to 30% commission per booking. (That’s painful!)

This is precisely why compelling copy is vital for a hotel’s long-term success.

Copywriting done right sets you apart from the competition

Your hotel has something unique to offer. You don’t want to sound just like every other property in your location and category.

Copywriting done right lets you stand out by connecting what makes you special with what your target market needs and values.

And when you can show visitors what’s in it for them, you’re:

  • breaking down the barriers of uncertainty;
  • eliminating insecurity;
  • and helping bookers feel great about choosing to stay with you.

That is to say compelling copy will naturally guide visitors towards the “book now” button.

Quote about hotel websites: "Compelling copy will naturally guide visitors towards the Book Now button"

Compelling copy drives your visitors to take action

Compelling copy is copy written with a specific audience in mind and that’s what makes it effective. If you’re targeting families, your content should speak specifically to them. You’ll highlight, for example, all the fun & games to be enjoyed by the kids (and their parents) at your property.

It inspires your ideal guest and builds excitement about booking with you—it sets the mood, helps them envision themselves at your property, and gives them an idea of what they can expect once they’ve checked in. It’s what drives your visitor to take action and book their stay with you.

Compelling copy helps you gain loyalty and repeat guests

A potential guest’s hotel experience does not begin once he walks through your front door. It starts when he begins his reservation journey; it’s the moment he lands on your website and begins engaging with the content (a reflection of your brand) on your site.

So when your visitor has a great experience interacting with your brand online and that extends to his actual stay at your property—reality meets (if not exceeds) expectations—then you’re well on your way to earning repeat guests. Repeat guests are more likely to contact you directly for future reservation needs.

With recently announcing that they will “begin charging [hotels] commissions on resort fees, as well as other fee-based services, such as for Wi-Fi, on top of a hotel’s base rate” (Source: Skift), there’s never been a better time to work towards improving the quality of your online content—and why hoteliers should place a premium on professional copywriting services.

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