Benefits of Landing Pages for Your Business

Not sure if it’s worth investing in landing pages for your business? Let’s take a look at several benefits of landing pages.

What is a landing page and how is it different from a regular web page?

A landing page is any page a visitor finds himself on after clicking on an ad or a link.

A website and its pages normally serve multiple functions. A landing page, on the other hand, is developed with one purpose and goal in mind.

It’s precisely that distinction that makes them highly effective and why, no matter your industry, your business can benefit from landing pages.

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Benefits of landing pages

Acquiring leads involves hard work and a solid strategy. It’s also often a lengthy process.

That’s because getting people to your website is just the first step. You then need to convert them. That is, you must convince them to take some desired action like make a purchase or contact you.

Since landing pages are most commonly used for lead generation, they facilitate this entire process.

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Benefits of landing pages: Greater design freedom
Photo by Hal Gatewood

Here are some of the key benefits of landing pages.

1.    Greater design freedom

Landing pages tend to be stand-alone, so you aren’t forced to “make things work” around your website’s design.

In other words: It is easier for you to make adjustments.

You can test, change, and test again to find the configuration that delivers the best results.

Summary: You aren’t restricted or limited by your current website’s architecture or design limitations.

Tip: Greater design freedom doesn’t mean you should forget about your branding. Make sure your branding is consistent across all channels and platforms—including landing pages. Remember that you want to reinforce your brand, not cause confusion or dilute awareness.

2.    Distraction-free messaging

Unlike a website, a landing page focuses on a single message and serves just one purpose.

And since there’s only one topic to think about, you can be very deliberate with your content. Put another way you can cater to a specific audience with focused messages.

Summary: A landing page eliminates distractions, allowing you to deliver laser-focused and highly targeted content.

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3.    Improves campaign performance and increases conversions

Landing pages are intentionally designed to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to take action.

  • The page focuses one topic and has one call-to-action.
  • Content is easy to read.
  • The page is structured to guide visitors towards taking action.

Arriving on a page that has been optimized for one’s needs—it speaks to them and offers exactly what they were looking for—means visitors are more likely to take action.

Furthermore, message match helps improve a paid campaign’s performance by lowering the cost of acquiring leads or closing sales.

Tip: Visitors who land where they expected to land when they clicked on the ad or link are less likely to leave.

Summary: Landing pages are strategically designed to drive visitors to take action.

4.    Grows your email list

Landing pages normally have lead capture / conversion forms. Those forms ask for information such as the user’s name and email address.

You can use this information to build and grow email lists. Simply add an “opt in” option for visitors to agree to receive marketing messages and offers from your business.

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Summary: Landing pages are often used for lead generation and can simultaneously be used to encourage users to opt in to an email list.

5.    Supports your marketing needs and goals

Landing pages are incredibly versatile. They can help you achieve different objectives such as increasing subscribers, boosting sales, or providing an avenue for a specific audience to request a consultation or send an inquiry.

Summary: Whether it’s to introduce a new product or service, capture leads, or promote an event, a landing page can support various marketing needs and help you achieve certain goals. 

6.    Gives you valuable insight

Landing pages are a source of valuable marketing insight.

You can:

  • Determine which channels bring you the most traffic and which ones result in higher quality prospects;
  • See which topics, offers, and types of content generate the most interest;
  • Gauge which campaigns are performing better and isolate the contributing factors.

Summary: Landing pages are an important source of marketing information and data.

Benefits of landing pages: It's easier to measure a campaign's performance

7.    Easier to measure a campaign’s performance

It is easier to measure a campaign’s success since landing pages focus on one thing and one course of action.

It’s easier to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t as well as which campaigns have been successful and not.

That means it’s also much easier to hold certain teams or individuals accountable for their work.

Summary: Landing pages are oriented towards one specific action only, which makes it easier to interpret the analytics.

As you can see, there are many landing page benefits and really no reason why your business shouldn’t be using them.

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