Landing Page Ideas: How You Can Use Them

Looking for ways you can implement landing pages for your business? Click through for 15 landing page ideas to get you started.

If you’ve never worked with landing pages before, you might be wondering how to use them in your industry. More specifically, how you can implement and make them work for you.

This post has landing page ideas you can put to work for your business. So let’s get to it!

How to Use Landing Pages: Landing Page Ideas

1.    Product mini site

Let’s say you’re in the automotive industry. You could use a mini site (single- or multi-page) to convince prospects to do one of the following:

  • schedule a test drive
  • find a dealership near them
  • request a brochure

The mini site could include, for example, the most important information about a specific car model such as exterior and interior details, safety, performance, general specifications, and pricing.

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2.    Property listing

If you’re a real estate agent or marketer, attractive landing pages for your listings could boost the number of inquiries you receive as well as increase requests for a viewing.

The goal of the landing page could be to:

  • Schedule a viewing
  • Request additional information
  • Ask for a call back

Make sure your landing page includes the most important property features and uses beautiful, professional photographs / videos. Don’t forget the floor plan!

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3.    Coming soon

Want to announce that a brand new website is on the way? Have a new product / service in the pipeline that you want to drum up some excitement for?

Then a ‘coming soon’ landing page is exactly what you need. Use the page to:

Simply add a call-to-action that will encourage visitors to give their email address in exchange for being the first to be notified when the page goes live.

(You can even sweeten the deal with a special discount for those who’ve asked agreed to be added to your mailing list.)

Pro Tip: Don’t stick to a generic “coming soon” page. Customize your copy—make it riveting!—for the best results.

4.    Product / service launch

You’ve worked hard to generate interest in the new product / service. Now it’s finally time to launch and bring it to market!

Do so with a custom landing page.

You might even want to create several highly-targeted landing pages to cater to different market segments.

You could use the launch page to:

  • Educate / inform about the new product or service
  • Generate inquiries
  • Gather advance orders

Pro Tip: According to HubSpot, companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%. In other words, the more landing pages, the more conversions.

5.    Sign up page

Is your goal to increase signups for your newsletter or for a service?

Create a landing page to do that!

Landing page ideas: Create a sign up page

In both instances, make sure you’ve highlighted (or reinforced) what prospects can look forward to, i.e. why it’s worth signing up.

6.    Unsubscribe page

You made it easy to sign up for your newsletter with a dedicated landing page, so you’ll want to make it just as easy to unsubscribe. Again, you can use a landing page for that.

Landing page ideas: Create an unsubscribe page

Pro Tip: You can use this opportunity to ask former subscribers why they’re unsubscribing. That insight will help you prepare better performing content and more engaging messages.

7.    Schedule an appointment

This type of landing page is particularly useful for service providers but it can be used across industries—basically anywhere where a personalized talk / discussion will be beneficial for the prospect.

For example:

  • Medical establishments
  • Consultants
  • Businesses that offer a complicated product / service

Landing pages could be centered on topics that people actively search for information on in your industry and then drive visitors towards reaching out to you for a more detailed consultation. In other words your goal is to get visitors to schedule an appointment.

8.    E-course registration

Are you offering an online course or online training programme? Focused landing pages could help you increase enrollment.

An informative and convincing landing page will:

  • introduce the course
  • outline what’s included
  • highlight the benefits of joining
  • share necessary course details
  • present the instructor(s)

9.    Promote an event

Landing pages can also be used to promote an event such as a conference, trade fair, seminar, or webinar.

Goals could include:

  • Securing sign-ups / registrations
  • Download / request additional information
  • Submit an inquiry

Pro Tip: For trade fairs, create separate landing pages for attendees and exhibitors.

10.    Sales page

The goal of a sales page is to finalize a sale.

That means you’ll want to use this type of landing page to address the various thoughts a customer might have before committing and making a purchase.

Whether it’s an infant’s car seat, software, or an orthopedic mattress, your sales landing page should not just highlight benefits but also break down barriers to purchase.

11.    Buy or download content

You can also use landing pages to market valuable content.

For example: To announce the publication of a new book and start accepting pre-orders.

Alternatively, landing pages can also be used to encourage visitors to purchase or download an e-book or a comprehensive guide that you’ve created.

12.    Contest / raffle pages

Will your business be running a contest or raffle?

Rather than sending people to your homepage or a generic page, create an optimized landing page to drive traffic to—and to encourage participation.

You could use such a contest landing page to:

  • Inform interested persons about the contest mechanics
  • Encourage participation
  • Get sign-ups

13.    Special offers

Landing pages are a great home for time-limited or special offers. For example: To sell Christmas cookies or mooncakes.

Use the landing page to describe the offer as well as outline any terms and conditions. Where relevant, you could even add a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency.

Among others, special offer landing page goals could include encouraging visitors to:

  • Purchase the product / service
  • Make a booking / reservation
  • Request a catalogue or further information

A special offer landing page might be reached via PPC, newsletter / email link, or even a squeeze page so you’ll want to ensure message match.

14.    Pricing pages

If you offer multiple pricing plans / product tiers where the prospect has to make a selection to get started, then you might find that a highly-optimized pricing landing page will serve you well.

The goal of the pricing landing page is to get the visitor to that page – someone who is expressing interest in what you have to offer – to finalize their decision by making a purchase.

(Or sign up for a free trial, if that’s an option.)

15.    Thank you pages

This is a simple landing page that thanks the user for completing a certain task – like thanking them for signing up for the newsletter, making a purchase, filling out a survey / questionnaire, downloading an e-book and so on.

A ‘thank you’ page is a great way to reinforce that the user made the right choice in choosing you. Put simply, use this page to prevent or minimize buyer’s remorse.

For example, if the person made a purchase, you can thank them for the purchase and:

  • Include some (real) testimonials highlighting what makes the product / service so great
  • Give the person a sneak peak of why to be excited about their purchase
  • Offer a supplementary discount / special offer for their next purchase

That’s just to name a few. I’m sure you can think of many other ways to express gratitude.

Phew! And there we have it—a few landing page ideas you can adapt and adjust according to your needs.

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