Examples of Great Product Descriptions and What You Can Learn From Them

Häagen-Dazs: Crispy Layers

If you weren’t hungry for ice cream before, I bet you are now. That’s a sign of effective copy.

Here’s how they get it right.

  • It makes your mouth water with rich, descriptive text that gets you imagining all those flavours melting in your mouth. Side effect? Cravings! Chances are, this ice cream will find its way on to your next grocery list.
  • There’s super easy access to social proof in the form of reviews. If you aren’t sure that you’ll like the flavour, just read what others have to say about it!
  • It’s a short but sweet description that contains all legally required information plus differentiators. For example: the milk used is hormone-free and that this product is bee dependent.

Takeaway: Use sensory words for food and beverage product descriptions. Sensory words whet the appetite and awaken the reader’s desire to consume that product – that’s good for sales.