Why it pays to hire a copywriter

Should you hire a copywriter? Here are just some ways investing in a copywriter can help you grow your business—no matter the economic climate.

Is it worth hiring a copywriter?

Now more than ever, businesses the world over are banking on digital channels to reach and connect with customers. But the competition is tough. It isn’t just about contending with similar brands that have an online presence; it’s about standing out to begin with.

This challenge exists whether we’re in good or bad economic times but it’s even more pronounced in the time of COVID-19.

Brands that successfully communicate their message benefit from tangible and intangible returns. That’s why good writing – or rather effective copywriting – can make or break a business.

Here are some ways a copywriter can help—and how the investment pays for itself

When you hire a copywriter, you avoid the consequences of bad grammar and poor spelling

One of the quickest ways to lose credibility is to present marketing materials riddled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and even typos. After all, how can you be taken seriously if you seemingly don’t take your own editing and proofreading seriously?

The cold truth is that simple oversights negatively influence how you’re viewed—particularly how professional, reliable and even trustworthy you seem.

Luckily, hiring a freelance copywriter helps you escape premature judgement. Your copywriter ensures that written collateral, whether web copy, sales copy or marketing e-mails, are free of such preventable mistakes.

Tip: Working with a tight budget? Then hire a copywriter just to consult on a copywriting project – to edit or proofread your work for you! It’s a small investment with a large return.

Express your ideas clearly with help from a copywriter

Isn’t it odd how the things closest to our hearts are often the hardest to write about? That’s true even in business, where finding the right words for the essential ‘About’ page or product / service descriptions can be incredibly challenging.

It’s difficult expressing what you do and why customers should choose you when it comes to your own brand.

How do you refine your message in such a way that works for those outside your own organisation? That’s when working with a freelance copywriter is priceless. She will untangle complex ideas and simplify them for your target audience in a way that is clear and compelling.

Tip: Outsource your business copywriting for the fresh perspective necessary to get to the gist of what you want to say successfully.

A copywriter can help you balance your copywriting needs and wants

Your web copy will balance needs and wants

Ever been tasked with writing copy for your business? Then you’ve probably had the following very valid doubts:

  • Did we say what we need to say while also addressing what our readers – clients, shoppers, subscribers – want to hear?
  • Are we writing for real people without compromising search engine optimisation?
  • Does our copy motivate without sounding overly pushy?

These aren’t minor deliberations. They can mean the difference between success and failure—between boring or engaging readers; performing well on search or not showing up at all; inspiring action or pushing people away. So the pressure to balance needs and wants can, frankly, be quite stressful. Fortunately, an experienced copywriter already knows how to write copy that satisfies both—and that supports your marketing goals.

Your copywriter will help you make an impact on the right people

Want to know a very common blunder when we write our own copy? It’s wishing to please everyone and, in the end, as the old saying goes, pleasing no one.

While it’s natural to want to cast your net far and wide, doing so only ends up diluting your message. And that means making less of an impact on those actually most likely to use, purchase, or sign up for your products / services. A copywriter makes sure you don’t end up in that trap.

Tip: A sure-fire way to cut through the noise is to write copy that attracts your target audience. But it must also mean something to them. Your copywriter is trained in developing compelling copy.

Your brand voice stays consistent

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one about copywriting tone, voice and style. To be frank, many understand what it all is in theory but find it difficult to apply to their business writing. After all, selecting the right brand voice and appropriate tone – then perfecting it all – is a lot easier said than done. Fortunately, you can count on your copywriter to help you find what works best for your brand.

Tip: Experienced copywriters are skilled in mimicking your existing brand voice. Haven’t established one yet? Hire a copywriter to help you define one and ensure consistency—at all times, across all channels.

Hire a copywriter so that your text inspires action

Whatever you write has to serve a specific purpose. In other words there are goals and objectives that have to be met. That could be to boost inquiries, encourage sign-ups, or increase sales.

Because copywriters have acquired practical know-how, they will write landing page copy, product or service descriptions, and calls to action that encourage your readers to take action.

You’ll get content that works for you well in to the future

Blogging has many benefits, which is why more and more brands are getting in on it. But it’s not solely about writing any old article or publishing a few posts and then forgetting about it. Hiring a content writer allows you to produce consistent and strategic content that takes keywords, search intent and the reader’s purchase journey into account. Your copywriter can even provide suggestions on relevant evergreen content that would work for you today, tomorrow and even in the future.

All this to say: Hiring a copywriter pays for itself regardless of economic climate.