Why copywriters ask many questions

If you’ve ever wondered why copywriters ask so many questions – or even what kind of questions they ask – then this post is for you.

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Do copywriters always ask so many questions?

Do you get nervous or uncomfortable when the copywriter you’re engaging with asks you detailed questions? Shy away from responding because you’re worried about providing so much information? Or just not sure if the information being asked of you is even necessary to begin with?

Honestly, those reactions are totally understandable—especially if it’s your first time interacting with a copywriter. After all, in most cases, you’ve never met and probably won’t ever meet the copywriter you’re e-mailing with. Answering questions means putting your trust in a total stranger; that he or she will handle the information you share with care.

But here’s the thing: When it comes to writing copy, it doesn’t matter if you outsource the work to a freelance copywriter or keep it within your marketing team – questions are bound to be part of the process.

While I obviously can’t speak for every copywriter out there – only for myself – these are the reasons why I ask the questions I do.

To gain a clear understanding of what you need.

This is important not just for practical reasons like actually determining if and how I can be of assistance to you, but also to be able to give you an accurate quote.

Put another way, I have to know what your project entails to give you a correct quote. That’s why I need to ask you certain questions – and why you should, ideally, answer them truthfully and completely from the get-go.

To actually deliver what you need.

As a copywriter, I want to develop the most effective copy and successful content for you. How can I do that if I don’t know anything about you?

That’s why, to be successful at what I do, I need to understand what you (the client) do—plus the how and why of it all.

I also need to know who your customers are, so that I can write in a way that resonates with them.

And I’d like to know how you’ve been doing things so far, so I can see what has worked well and what hasn’t. In other words, my questions are designed to help me help you.

Copywriter questions: What? Who? Where? When? How? Why?

What kind of questions do copywriters ask?

With that in mind, it stands to reason that there are two categories of questions a copywriter will ask.

Project-specific questions

Project-specific questions are all about understanding what you’re commissioning the copywriter – me – to develop for you. Questions will cover what you have in mind, project length, desired deadlines, and so on.

Business- or brand-specific questions

These questions are for the actual writing process and are obviously more detailed. They dig deeper into the ‘who, what, how, where, when and why’ of your brand. Oh and, yes, they are absolutely necessary. Otherwise, how can I help you achieve your goals?

Try not to worry too much because every decent copywriter will keep strict confidentiality. Check your copywriter’s privacy policy page and ask your copywriter about confidentiality if you have doubts or simply want more information.

I hope that sheds some light on why copywriters ask the specific questions they do—and gives you peace of mind that it’s a normal part of the copywriting process.

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