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Thousands of products compete for buyers’ attention every day

Your product is merely one of many choices on store shelves. Right next to it are similar, equally viable, better priced options. How will your product fare? Does it stand a chance?

To land in buyers’ shopping carts, your packaging needs to attract shoppers’ attention. But once it’s in shoppers hands, it’s the text that will sell it.

Great product packaging copy:

  • Appeals to your target buyer
  • Sets your product apart from the competition
  • Informs shoppers what your product is and why they’re going to love it
  • Persuades buyers to give your product a try (and eventually come back for more)

And with such limited space, you must make every word count.

Make every word count and secure that sale with proper product packaging copywriting. Inquire now!

From the shelf to the checkout counter

That’s the ideal trajectory for your product. But in a lot of cases, products don’t even make it into the shopping cart.

Common mistakes include:

  • Boring product packaging copy that comes across as impersonal or too corporate
  • Text that makes no sense, has little relevance, or simply sounds ‘funny’ (and that’s putting it nicely)
  • Failing to take advantage of all the panels
  • Deceptive copy or text that treats your customers like fools

Working with a product packaging copywriter can help you avoid these pitfalls!

Secure more sales with proper product packaging copywriting

Product packaging entails more than just the design—in its entirety, it should tell a story. What is the product and why should customers buy it?

That’s why my packaging copywriting service always includes:

  • In-depth conversations where we’ll discuss important matters such as what makes your product different; package design; branding consistency; regulatory requirements; outer and inner packaging needs; and copywriting direction.
  • Market research to determine what competitors are doing, what works (as well as what doesn’t), and pinpoint how you can stand out in a crowded marketspace.
  • Planning, so we communicate the right message to your target market.
  • Close coordination with your design team, if and where necessary, to ensure that both copy and packaging design tell a cohesive story.

Here are a few other reasons to choose me as your product packaging copywriter.

Want to increase sales with customer-oriented product packaging text? Inquire now!

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