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Prepare for travel’s comeback without breaking your budget

After a year like no other, there’s finally some good news for travel service providers: once this is all over and it’s safe to travel again, your expertise will be more sought out than ever. Let a travel copywriter help you get the most out of this rekindled interest!

Travel may have slowed to a crawl but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts can afford to. However with cancelled bookings, refund obligations and no (or few) new bookings, money is tight. Keeping the lights on means you need to be creative, flexible and nimble all while keeping an eye on the future: new trends, new demands and new expectations. In other words, if you’re a travel agency, a travel consultant or even inbound and outbound tour operator, you need to actively prepare for the industry’s comeback—and your own.

How ready are you?

Consideration #1: Are your digital touch points up to date and relevant?

Much has changed in the last year. Among them the way – and where – we travel. So here are a few simple questions:

  • When was the last time you updated your sales and marketing materials?
  • Is your website current?
  • Are your landing pages relevant?
  • What about your packages, services and offers?

If all you’ve done since travel restrictions were imposed is post information on how COVID-19 is impacting business, then you’ve already fallen behind. It also means your sales and marketing materials are probably no longer valid.

Whether it’s a pivot to the domestic market or revised travel programs, your digital touch points need to reflect what’s new. Your copywriting needs to draw in a new audience (e.g. the expat community in your country; local weekend warriors etc.) and capture new clients. Put another way: times have changed, so you can’t rely on old content to carry you through in a new environment. You must adjust your content accordingly.

What does that entail? Among others, you’ll want to think about refreshing your web copy, creating landing pages for microsegments and updated packages to shift from group to independent travel itineraries.

Consideration #2: Is your value proposition clear?

Now, more than ever, it has to be crystal clear why people should choose your travel brand over others. Here’s why: travellers have many new concerns – on top of previous ones – that range from health to financial security. Their need for safety, comfort and convenience is amplified, so they’ll weigh their options carefully before committing to a booking with any travel-related business.If your value proposition isn’t instantly obvious, prospects will pick another brand that has made it evident from the get-go.

Consideration #3: Have you adapted for the new customer purchase journey?

A customer’s purchase journey no longer begins at the time of booking. These days, it starts much earlier: the moment they start thinking about the option of travel. Is it safe? Will it be any fun or just too stressful? Are they being responsible? What are the new procedures and requirements? These deliberations come before they start dreaming, seeking inspiration, researching and eventually planning.

Where is your brand throughout prospects’ purchase journeys? Can your brand be found during these critical stages? Are you addressing pain points or concerns when it matters most? If your brand isn’t visible, you’re losing out on potential inquiries.

Consideration #4: Are you taking advantage of other revenue-generating opportunities?

It turns out, what you have become accustomed to – the client base you count on, the guaranteed high season, open borders and a certain level of popularity among travellers – don’t apply anymore. You need to find another way to keep your (figurative) doors open.

  • A travel consultant might create niche travel guides with insider tips for carefully-selected destinations.
  • An inbound tour operator might write about a certain destination’s culture or history in-depth and offer it as a downloadable e-book.
  • A travel agency might put together a short – but interesting – video series that they can monetize featuring local artisans and their unique products.

Whatever supplementary revenue-generating products you create, chances are you’ll need high-quality copywriting. Let a travel copywriter do the work for you.

What is a travel copywriter and when do you need one?

A travel copywriter (also called a tourism copywriter) plans, researches and writes informative, engaging and persuasive sales and marketing materials for travel-related businesses. That includes airlines, cruise ships, travel agencies and travel consultants, inbound and outbound tour operators, tourism boards and more. She also writes hotel copy.

Is it worth hiring a tourism copywriter? And is now even a good time for one?

Of course! But with a restricted budget, it might be tough justifying the need for – and spending on – a travel copywriter. After all, you have in-house marketing staff that can do the task for you. So how do you know if it’s better and actually time for a professional travel copywriter?

Start by asking yourself the following:

  • Can your pages be found on search engines? In other words: are you getting your pages in front of the right audience?
  • Do visitors leave your website without taking action?
  • Do your tour descriptions sound like everyone else’s?
  • Are you struggling to communicate what makes your travel brand different?
  • Do people get in touch only to disappear and never be heard from again?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then that means your travel copywriting is falling short in supporting your marketing goals. Consider investing in a travel copy- and content writer.

As for the timing: it’s worth hiring one even in this climate. With lockdown fatigue and dreams of revenge travel, there’s no better time to lay the groundwork for your own comeback. You need to get your brand out there again, so travellers are aware you exist—and open for business. This is your chance to get ahead and inspire exactly when your potential clients are dreaming about, researching and planning their next big getaway.

Here’s how a travel copywriter can help with your comeback

Travel copywriting isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest industries to write effective copy for.

  • At any given moment, numerous travel brands are battling for attention for the same set of keywords and search terms. That makes gaining visibility for your pages an enormous challenge. A skilled copywriter knows how to balance writing for your target audience and SEO best practices.
  • It’s one thing to get people to your website and another entirely to get them to do something. Whether it’s to sign up for your promotional emails, send an inquiry or make a booking, a travel copywriter with a marketing background taps into her wealth of consumer behaviour knowledge to write effective calls to action that work for you.
  • These days, it’s even harder to gain customers’ trust and successfully tackle their pain points. Without persuasive copy, you will struggle to convert qualified leads into paying customers.
  • With so many competitors fighting for business from the same pool of travellers, it’s incredibly important for your brand to stand out. A tourism copywriter doesn’t just craft copy that distinguishes you from others—she highlights value.

All this to say: you don’t want to leave your copywriting to chance or in the hands of a less-experienced writer. Inquire now for customisable travel copy- and content writing packages that meet your needs and budget.

Travel copywriting for small and independent travel brands

In such a dynamic but also competitive industry, the quality of your travel copywriting can mean the difference between making an impact and fading into the background. But with reduced budgets, how do you stretch your dollar and get the results you need? Simple: you hire me.

Travel and tourism copywriting services

My career started out in the travel industry. I’ll always have a soft spot for small and independent travel brands making a splash, and a difference, in this amazing (but also resilient) industry. For me, it’s personal. I want your business to stay open, for you to bounce back and, more importantly, to succeed. That’s why you want me as your copywriter—yours isn’t just another project, but a project that matters. Copywriting services for travel-related businesses like yours include:

Website copywriting for travel websites

I don’t just write copy—I help you achieve page-specific goals with effective, search-optimised text that builds your brand, boosts your overall appeal and helps you grow your business.

Landing page copywriting

Let’s get you qualified new leads with high-converting landing page copy. My landing page copy is carefully crafted for specific buyer personas and your microsegments.

Tour, package and service descriptions for travel-related businesses

From eye-catching headlines to alluring product details, I’ll help you develop appealing “I want that” tour and package descriptions as well as service outlines that bring you valuable new leads.

Brochure, catalogue copywriting

Whether print or digital, let’s update your marketing as well as informational brochures. Together, we’ll revise catalogues to match new offers, new trends and the next normal of travel.

Evergreen / time-sensitive travel content writing

If taking the lead matters to you, then content writing should be a priority. I write immersive and inspiring evergreen as well as timely content for your brand. My thoughtfully curated content improves your search engine performance—and naturally guides readers towards your services.

Is it appropriate to be publishing travel content at a time like this? Consider this: you want your brand to maintain top-of-mind awareness for whenever travel makes a safe comeback. And with an even more complex travel purchase journey, you want to make sure your brand is discoverable and helpful every step of the potential traveller’s way. Then they will bookmark your page and keep you as their top choice for future travel needs.

Content audit and consultation

If you aren’t ready to hire a copywriter just yet or currently planning an overhaul of your existing copy, then this service is for you. You will benefit tremendously from a content audit. Because it’s difficult to assess your own work objectively, it’s often hard to pinpoint exactly where you’re going wrong with your web copy. Let me analyse it for you. I’ll get to the root of what’s hampering your performance and tell you what you need to do for better results.

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