The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Onboarding (Freelance) Copywriters

Whether you’re gearing up to hire a copywriter for the first time or searching for in-depth information about copywriting and what copywriters do, this page links to everything you need to know about freelance copywriters for hire.

Do you need a copywriter?

Copywriters do more than write beautiful words. They help your small business grow through the power of persuasive writing. Here, we take a closer look at what a copywriter is and what copywriters do. We also identify how to tell if you need to hire a copywriter.

How to find a copywriter for your small business

This guide walks first-timers through the first step in the copywriter hiring process. It covers where to start your search, how to find the right freelance copywriter for your brand, and how much copywriting costs these days.

Information on how to find freelance copywriters, how to hire a copywriter for your small business, and how much copywriters charge

The online copywriter onboarding process

Yay, you’ve found the perfect copywriter! Now what? Good question. This post tackles hiring reminders as well as what the typical copywriter onboarding process is like in 2023.

How to hire and onboard your first small business copywriter

AI vs copywriters

Everyone’s talking about AI-powered copywriting. Well, how does AI measure up against human copywriters? Can AI really replace copywriters? Should your small business rely on AI copy—or is it still better to hire a copywriter? Answers to all that and more, right here.

Can you rely on AI copywriting for brand-critical sales and marketing assets? Or is it better still to work with a human copywriter?

How to give copywriting feedback

Giving good feedback doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Use this five-step guide to learn the best way to provide written feedback for copywriting projects.

Here's how to give constructive criticism for copywriting projects