Radiant Copywriting Packages

Whether you’re the brave face behind a brand new start-up or circumstances have left your small business with a much tighter budget to work with, this is where you’ll find the perfect copywriting package!

Copywriting deals and promos 2022

Have you been searching high and low for the right copywriter and the best website copywriting packages? Content and copywriting services that are high quality but also easy on the pocket? For an affordable copywriter flexible to your needs?

Good news: You’re in the right place!

(Yes, you can finally stop scrolling through page after page of search results promising “compelling copywriting” and “copy that converts”.)

With these copywriting packages, I’m offering you:

Expert copy—without the hefty price tag.
Engaging content—on time and on budget.
Results only—no stress, no hassle.

Top Content and Copywriting Packages in 2022

The Content Crazy Package
(Best Value)

Best for: Those in need of quality blog content.
This is the content writing package for you if you’re building an inbound content marketing strategy and want to bring readers to your blog organically.

Advantage: Starved for time and have “better” things to do? Don’t want to stay up all night writing content? Sit back and relax. Content Crazy is exactly what you need for hassle-free inbound content marketing.

Bundle includes:

  • 5 blog posts up to 1,000 words each within an agreed period of time
  • Topic and keyword research
  • Meta descriptions for each post
  • 2 FREE rounds of revisions

Package Rate: Starts at US$555.00 (subject to complexity)

The Start-up Package
(Most Popular)

Best for: Those just getting started.
If you’re a solopreneur, small start-up or family-run business searching for website copywriting packages, then this is the service you need. It covers ALL your essentials.

Advantage: This package allows you to populate your website with the most important content for a successful launch—and frees you up to focus on all the other things you need to get your business running.

Bundle includes:

  • SEO web copy for 4 website pages of your choice
  • 10 product descriptions (up to 150 words each)
  • Meta descriptions for each page
  • 2 FREE rounds of revisions

Package Rate: Starts at US$455.00 (subject to complexity)

The Edit My Work Package
(Best For Budget)

Best for: Those who aren’t confident about what they wrote.
Perhaps you’re new to writing sales and marketing copy or maybe English isn’t your mother tongue – either way, you’re just not sure if what you’ve written is error-free (spelling, grammar); “good enough” to go online; SEO-ready; and capable of achieving your goals.

Advantages: Whether your copy is destined for the internet or intended for print materials, a second pair of expert eyes will give you the confidence you need to hit publish or go to print!

Bundle includes:

  • Edit one document (up to 2,000 words) of your choice:
    • Check spelling and grammar, punctuation, capitalization
    • Fix copy structure and flow
    • Rewrite to include relevant keywords (if digital copy)
    • Ensure text follows brand guidelines

Package Rate: Starts at US$255.00 (subject to complexity)

The Refresh Package
(Most Useful)

Best for: Those who have under-performing content.
Maybe you’re not getting the results you need or you just can’t figure out what others are doing right that you (apparently) aren’t. Either way, this package is perfect for you if you’re unhappy with what you’ve already got and need a clear fix.

Advantages: You know your business best but it also means you aren’t always able to look at things objectively. Benefit from an outsider’s perspective with practical feedback you can easily use to improve.

Bundle includes:

  • Edit web copy for 3 pages of your choice
  • Rewrite 10 product / service descriptions (up to 250 words each)
  • Rewrite 2 cornerstone articles of your choice
  • Review and analyze existing blog content: I provide you with easy-to-understand recommendations to improve your contents’ performance

Package Rate: Starts at US$355.00 (subject to complexity)

Need something extra special?

Want the convenience of a pro copywriter on retainer? Have complex or highly-specific copywriting requirements for your industry? Or maybe you’re not really sure what you need and want to consult with me about the best options?

No worries, I got you!

From easy-to-follow blog outlines to your very first landing page, copy for email campaigns, go-to-market content writing, product catalogues, sales PDFs and even e-books—if it involves words, I’m your girl.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Drop me an email (or use this contact form) to explain what you have in mind then we’ll put together a custom copywriting package that works with your budget. Promise, I’m quick to reply and super flexible. Can’t wait to hear from you!