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The best small business copywriting packages.

Hi friend! If you’ve stumbled upon this page, then you’ve probably been searching high and low for the right copywriter—and the best copywriting packages.

You’ve browsed several pages of Google search results, used various combinations of search terms and yet, surprise! Everyone’s services kind of sound the same. Similar words, similar promises.

So you might be wondering: does it really make a difference who I hire? What should I be looking for in a copywriter? How do I even decide? There are just so many people to choose from!

Or maybe who does your writing doesn’t matter as much right now. After all, these are tough times. And what it all comes down to is price. (Hey, there’s no shame in that.)

Perhaps you’re the brave face behind a brand new start-up. Or circumstances have left you with a much tighter budget to work with. In other words: you’re looking for the best copywriting package. One that’s high quality but also easy on the pocket. Right?

  • Great copywriting—without the hefty price tag.
  • The right words—without having to think about them.
  • Results—without losing sleep over it.

Well, we all know that time is money. So let’s save you some right now because I have exactly what you’re looking for! (Yes, you can finally stop scrolling through page after page promising “compelling copywriting” and “copy that converts”.)

Let me show you some of my best-selling copywriting packages. They’re worth every cent! But if you need something slightly different or have industry-specific needs, just drop me an e-mail. I’m sure we can work something out.

Top copywriting packages 2021

Who can resist a great deal? Not me, that’s for sure!

That’s why you’ll want to check out some of the most-loved Radiant Copywriting packages below.

But times change and so do your needs, so bookmark this page and check back often for updates. You don’t want to miss out on awesome offers!

The Refresh Package

Best for: Those who have under-performing content.
Maybe you’re not getting the results you need or you just can’t figure out what others are doing right that you (apparently) aren’t. Either way, this package is perfect for you if you’re unhappy with what you’ve already got and need a clear fix.

Advantages: You know your business best but it also means you aren’t always able to look at things objectively. Benefit from an outsider’s perspective with practical feedback you can easily use to improve.

Bundle includes:

  • An audit (review) of 5 web pages of your choice
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Keyword research and suggestions
  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply suggestions for better pages

Package does not include:

  • Content or web copy rewrites
  • Web design or development

Pricing available upon request.

The Content Crazy Package (Best Value)

Best for: Those in need of consistent content.
This is the content writing package for you if you’re building an inbound content marketing strategy and want to bring readers to your blog organically.

Advantage: Starved for time and have “better” things to do? Don’t want to stay up all night writing content? Sit back and relax. Content Crazy is exactly what you need for hassle-free inbound content marketing.

Bundle includes:

  • 4 blog posts up to 1.500 words each (within an agreed time frame)
  • Keyword research
  • SEO content writing best practices
  • Call to action (if appropriate)
  • Meta descriptions for each post
  • 2 FREE revisions based on your feedback
  • 1 x content for an email newsletter roundup (to promote the latest blog posts)

Package does not include:

  • Graphics or images
  • Mock-ups
  • Uploading the content to your website or email client

Pricing available upon request.

The Sales Man Package

Best for: Those who want to increase sales.
Whether you’re pivoting to online selling or need to improve sales performance, this package makes sure you build the foundation you need for e-commerce success.

Advantages: Landing your first customer and securing your precious first sale takes a lot of hard work. I make it easier for you by helping you get the most important elements right.

Bundle includes:

  • 8 product or service descriptions (up to 150 words each)
  • 1 x targeted landing page copy
  • 2 x content for an email marketing campaign OR copy for a marketing package insert (up to 600 words)
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and inclusion into each piece of writing
  • Effective calls to action
  • 2 x FREE revisions based on your feedback (within agreed time frame)

Package does not include:

  • Graphics or images
  • Mock-ups
  • Uploading of content to your website or email client

Pricing available upon request.

The Start-up Package (Most Popular)

Best for: Those just getting started.
If you’re a solopreneur, small start-up or family-run business, this is the website copywriting service – and package – you need. It covers all your essentials.

Advantage: This package frees you up to focus on all the other things you need to get your business up and running ASAP.

Bundle includes:

  • In-depth email consultation to understand your business and brand guidelines
  • SEO web copy for 4 website pages of your choice
  • 4 product descriptions (up to 150 words each)
  • 3 starter blog posts (800 words each)
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and inclusion into each piece of writing
  • Meta descriptions for each page
  • Effective calls to action
  • Editing and FREE minor revisions based on your feedback (within agreed time frame)

Package does not include:

  • Graphics or images
  • Mock-ups
  • Uploading of content to your website

Pricing available upon request.

Affordable copywriting services: I’m good to go! Are you?

I’m ready to work on your project right now. Yes, right now. But you should also know that these packages are subject to availability. What I mean is these affordable small business copywriting packages are on a first-come, first-served basis. And that’s because you deserve my absolute best.

Or put another way: I’m human—I can only take on so many new and returning clients every month without compromising quality. So don’t delay, get in touch today and let’s get your project started while we can!

But wait: what if none of these best-selling packages suit your needs? Or what if you need something specific to your industry, like for pet products and services or hospitality?

No worries – we’ll create a special project plan just for you. Use the form below to send me an email. I’m quick to reply and super flexible. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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