Why You Should Invest in Hospitality Copywriting

The benefits of hospitality copywriting include a boost in direct bookings.

The positive impact of well-written hospitality copywriting

Hotel copywriting: what you write matters

Whether you’re a family-run B&B, small boutique hotel, or an independent brand, how you present your brand ultimately influences bookings.

For example:

  • Your copy shapes how you’re perceived. Based on what they read, will readers want to stay at your property?
  • It can mean the difference between showing up in user’s search results (at no extra cost to you) or being virtually invisible for important keywords unless you pay for ads.
  • What you write either moves readers to follow through on a booking—or abandon you for a seemingly better alternative.

That is to say, your words have the power to impact your bottom line.

That’s exactly why investing in hospitality copywriting—from the requisite ‘about us‘ and carefully-crafted landing pages to social channels, email campaigns and print brochures—should be part of your hotel marketing.

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6 direct benefits from well-written hospitality copywriting

Well-written hospitality copy supports your channel-specific goals—online and offline. Here’s how great hotel copywriting brings in more bookings.

Improve your hotel SEO

An experienced hotel SEO copywriter knows how to write for both human beings and search engines, so that your brand is naturally discoverable on search engines. She knows the right keywords for your hotel—and the best way to use them—so that you populate your website with text that ranks well on search engines.

How does hospitality SEO benefit you? Instead of running endless ad campaigns just to boost brand awareness and bring people to your website, you can put that money towards promoting special promotions or staycation packages.

Lower your online advertising costs

As an advertiser, you want your pay-per-click ads to bring in qualified prospects. You also want those clicks to convert. Because lets face it, hotel keywords don’t come cheap, which means the cost of lost clicks add up fast!

A hospitality copywriter writes focused, targeted and persuasive landing pages, so you can lower your hotel’s search marketing costs.

You will stand out

In a crowded hotel landscape, positioning and differentiation are very real challenges. Similarly, it’s not easy winning the interest of potential guests—especially when you’re competing with trusted international brands. They have deep pockets to support massive advertising campaigns; you might not.

Your hospitality copywriter works closely with you craft text that makes you stand out from everyone else. You turn an otherwise common brand story into something memorable and compelling.

Your information is complete

During the travel purchase journey, potential guests are bound to hop from one resource to another to form a better picture of what to expect of your hotel. But they shouldn’t have to rely on third-party websites for property-specific information like what kind of breakfast you serve or if you charge for the use of the shuttle service.

You should be the definitive source of hotel-related information, not blogs or travel aggregators. And when you get your hospitality copywriting right, that’s exactly the case.

You’re able to boost bookings simply by connecting what makes your property special with what your target market needs and values—but also the information they’re actually looking for.

Boost direct bookings

Building on previous points, effective web copy draws people to your website, keeps them on the site and motivates them to book direct. Your text is so convincing that there’s no need for them to leave your page to find a better deal or search for missing (additional) information elsewhere.

Drive more clicks and more conversions

Boring newsletters, email campaigns and messages that don’t resonate with readers won’t do well in attracting clicks or conversions. A hospitality copywriter knows how to build excitement for your products and services. Her writing sets the mood and it’s what drives readers to take action and click through.