Great Examples of Newsletter Sign-up Copy

Newsletters aren’t just important but also necessary for your long-term success. So how do you entice people to opt-in for your newsletter? How can you write convincing newsletter sign-up copy?

Newsletter sign-up and your marketing efforts

An e-mail list is one of your greatest assets and a powerful tool for your business’ marketing.

Consider this:

  • 281 billion email messages are sent and received everyday
  • Newsletters have a higher conversion rate than social media at 4.29% vs 1.81%

Source: Harvard Business Review

Clearly, newsletters aren’t just important but also necessary for your long-term success. But there are also countless great newsletter options to choose from.

So how do you entice people – casual browsers, previous customers, undecided prospects with potential – to opt-in for your newsletter over the other newsletters in your industry? What makes a good newsletter sign-up prompt? What gets the job done?

This post takes a look at some effective examples of newsletter sign-up, subscribe, and register prompts I’ve seen in various industries.

We’ll examine why they’re so good at convincing you – the how and why – and what your takeaway should be. In other words, practical tips you can use to get more newsletter sign ups.

Learn from the best with these examples

Cosmetics & Toiletries

This newsletter sign-up prompt gets everything right. Simply put, the text hits the nail on the head.

It understands its readers’ primary concern – product safety – and offers them undeniable value in that regard:

  • You can stay up-to-date on product safety;
  • You’ll receive an exclusive magazine in addition to the newsletter;
  • And you will even gain unlimited access to the website!

You can get all that for free, just by signing up today!

Notice how the call-to-action encourages you to do it now? Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you need to get the latest news – but today. (Bonus points for not sticking to the typical ‘subscribe’ or ‘subscribe now’ button.)

And if you’ve ever doubted the power of words, take a moment to consider the ones used here. They have all the right ones to get you to bite; ‘exclusive’, ‘unlimited’, and ‘free’ are truly irresistible.

So if you can combine all four of these crucial elements in one newsletter sign-up prompt, then your task is practically done.

Takeaway: Understand why readers are on your site and why they might want to subscribe in the first place. Then craft your sign-up offer accordingly. Make sure you cater your message to potential subscribers’ priorities. You’ll also get more subscribers if you can generate additional value that will make your newsletter more attractive.