Examples of Great Product Descriptions and What You Can Learn From Them

Eli & Elm: Organic Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow        

Great product descriptions are strategic about the details they highlight.

There’s really nothing more annoying than a description that’s hard to understand and simultaneously tough on the eyes – but that’s unfortunately what you’ll find for a lot of regular household items.

Luckily, these guys don’t make that mistake and that’s why this product is memorable.

  • It’s easy to read with good use of white space, introductory headlines, and cute graphic elements to break the monotony of pure text.
  • You won’t find industry jargon or unnecessary details to hype up the pillow – it’s straight to the point and uses simple language anyone can understand.
  • The copy was written with the shopper in mind. By outlining typical struggles side sleepers will relate to and how this pillow was engineered to fix those exact problems, the text isn’t just highly convincing but also makes the reader feel understood and consequently more trusting of the product.
  • The description even throws in some social proof (“side sleepers often agree”) for added emphasis.

Takeaway: Words matter but so does presentation. That includes the logical flow of information and how it’s visually displayed. Be strategic about the details you choose to highlight.