Examples of Great Product Descriptions and What You Can Learn From Them

Bella Luna Toys: Senger Organic Cotton Puppy

How sweet is this description? It’s cute, fun, and even has personality – managing all that without sacrificing important information.

Also note how it’s written to appeal to the sensibilities of the parent (who is the buyer) with a youthful touch that indicates the real end user: the child.

  • The copy is sprinkled with cutesy, age-appropriate language (“arf, arf”, “available for adoption today”) but still carries a reassuring tone. It makes sure to address parents’ primary concerns: product safety.
  • You know exactly what this toy is made of, where it’s made (as an indicator of quality), and that it’s safe for your most loved little one to snuggle with.
  • Descriptive language is used since online shoppers aren’t able to touch or interact with the product before buying.

Those details are what makes this such a great product description!

Takeaway: You can be comforting and professional yet still have fun with  descriptions! Don’t be afraid to infuse product descriptions with your brand’s unique personality. It humanizes your brand, adds charm, and – when done right – can even make you more appealing than the competition.