Brochure Writer

Brochures—there, when you aren’t

Your customers aren’t confined to the internet, so neither should your marketing. But what exactly are you doing to reach those prospects—and is it enough? Let a brochure writer help.

In this day and age, it’s normal to overlook old-school marketing methods like creating and distributing brochures, flyers or catalogues. In fact, you might even be wondering if brochures are even useful or relevant with the prevalence of the internet!

Do they still have a place in your marketing arsenal? Are they worth investing in, both in terms of design and printing costs? How do you even write a great brochure?

Let’s put it this way: as long as there are trade fairs, multi-brand retail stores, and hotel lobbies, there will always be a need for brochures. That’s why print marketing isn’t going anywhere just yet—and why you should be paying attention to the quality of your brochure writing.

Why knowing how to write a brochure makes a difference

Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and catalogues are the sales reps that work for you when you aren’t there to do the talking. In other words, brochures in all their shapes and sizes – and all the purposes they serve – remain incredibly important. And that’s why you need to know how to write a brochure.

A successful brochure:

  • Introduces your product or service
  • Establishes credibility
  • Isn’t overwhelming or difficult to read
  • Directs prospects on what to do next
  • Contributes to offline and online marketing efforts

A brochure writer can help you achieve all that—without breaking the bank or wasting your design and printing budget. This is because, even though brochures have been around for ages, they’re still a challenge to get right.

A brochure copywriter makes every word count

Image shows business people reviewing documents. Remember that the quality of your brochure copy can mean the difference between being effective and landing in the bin.

Printed marketing materials, like brochures, are powerful tools that can boost sales. That is, if they’re well-written—otherwise, they land in the bin.

Well-planned marketing and product brochures as well as product catalogues support your sales efforts—offline and online. Unfortunately, many businesses get their brochure writing wrong. Frequent mistakes include:

  • Concentrating purely on aesthetics
  • Not paying enough attention to the actual written content
  • Writing too little or too much
  • Failing to engage the reader with relevant information
  • Forgetting to include an appropriate call to action

Now, more than ever, prospects expect so much more from marketing brochure content. That means you need a better design, better content, better information. You must to turn ordinary into extraordinary; boring to engaging; informative to effective.

Work with a pro for all your brochure, flyer and catalogue copywriting needs

It all begins with compelling brochure content ideas and then the skills to translate those ideas into an engaging brochure. And with limited space, every word counts. That’s why it makes sense to work with a brochure copywriter. A brochure writer makes your offer crystal clear, so prospects know why they should care—and what they should do next.