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Are your marketing efforts limited to the internet?

You might be wondering if brochures are still useful in this day and age. Simply put, if your customers aren’t confined to the internet, neither should your marketing.

Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and catalogues—they’re sales reps that work for you when you aren’t there to do the talking.

They introduce your products and services; help build credibility; and direct prospects what to do next. In other words, brochures remain incredibly important.

And as long as there are trade fairs, multi-brand retail stores, and hotel lobbies, there will always be a need for them.

Interesting, informative, effective - brochure copywriting to support your offline and online marketing goals!

Brochures – there, when you aren’t

Printed marketing materials, like brochures, are powerful enough to boost sales – that is, if they’re well written. Unfortunately, many businesses get their brochure writing wrong.

Common mistakes include:

  • Concentrating on aesthetics, paying less attention to the brochure’s content
  • Writing too little or too much, so that there’s either not enough context or the message is convoluted
  • Failing to engage the reader or highlight why they should care
  • Forgetting to include an appropriate call-to-action

Working with a brochure copywriter can help you avoid these pitfalls!

Effective brochure copywriting to support your marketing goals

As a brochure writer, my job is to write engaging brochure content you can rely on to support your offline and online marketing initiatives.

That’s why my brochure copywriting services always include:

  • In-depth consultation to understand what you do, what makes your offer different, and why readers should care
  • Research to determine what your potential customers want to read – and how to get them past the headline
  • Proofreading, so you have the confidence to go to print

Here are a few other reasons to choose me as your business brochure copywriter.

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