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Want to increase online sales?

An awesome product doesn’t always lead to sales. Neither does attractive, professional photography. And there’s a very simple reason for this: Online shoppers can’t physically interact with your product.

Instead, they rely on what you’ve written to decide if they should buy now—or look elsewhere.

Effective e-commerce copywriting:

  • Answers potential customers’ questions
  • Accurately describes what you’re selling
  • Creates a good impression, which is beneficial to your brand

Convince customers to add your item to the shopping cart with interesting, informative, and persuasive product descriptions.

E-commerce copywriting: Work with a product description copywriter to take your sales from good to great! Sell more, sell now.

Sell more, sell now

That’s what every online store wants. Unfortunately, many get overwhelmed by the number of product descriptions they need to write and end up with sloppy work.

Common mistakes include:

  • Copying the manufacturer’s description – word for word
  • Failing to use natural, customer-oriented language
  • Stuffing descriptions with too many adjectives
  • Bland product copy – they’re uninspiring, unconvincing, and devoid of personality

Working with a product copywriter can help you avoid these pitfalls!

E-commerce copywriting services to take you from good to great

Online shoppers have numerous alternatives at their fingertips. And they’re always just one click away from leaving your site or abandoning the shopping cart—unless you give them what they came for.

That’s why as a product description writer, my e-commerce copywriting service always includes:

  • Detailed conversations about your product
  • Comparative analysis to see how your toughest competitors win their customers
  • Research to understand your prospects’ needs, wants, and expectations
  • Keyword research to ensure that we include terms actual customers use to search for products like yours

Here are a few other reasons to choose me as your e-commerce copywriter.

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