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Take your sales from good to great

At any given moment, shoppers are always just one click away from leaving your online store and abandoning their shopping cart—unless your product copy converts.

An awesome product doesn’t necessarily lead to healthy sales. Likewise, professional product photos don’t automatically sell a product. And there’s a very simple reason for this: online shoppers can’t physically interact with your product. As a result, they rely on your product descriptions (or service descriptions) to decide if they should buy now—or look elsewhere. Put another way, the quality of your product copy can quite literally make or break a sale.

Here’s why your product copywriting matters—and why investing in a product description writer pays for itself

Are you in doubt about the value of a product copywriter? These facts show you why a product writer can have a real (positive) impact on how much you end up selling.

Studies have found:

  • 87% of consumers rate product content extremely or very important when it comes to making a purchase.
  • Regardless of product category, it’s the product copy as well as ratings and reviews that influence customers to make a purchase.
  • 50% of shoppers have returned an item they bought online because it did not match the product description.

You know what else great product copywriting can do for you?

  • They’re essential for your products and services to be findable on search engines.
  • They help to build trust with shoppers. This is because quality e-commerce writing is useful, lends credibility, and shows that you’re professional.
  • Well-written product copy prevents customers from leaving by actually being informative.

In short, a product description writer helps you develop service descriptions and product copy that:

  • Answers potential customers’ questions – before they even need to ask them;
  • Accurately describes what you’re selling;
  • Isn’t hard to read or difficult to understand;
  • Doesn’t expect readers to wade through marketese or know your industry’s jargon;
  • And tells prospects what to do next.

Convince customers to add your item to the shopping cart with persuasive product descriptions.

Retail copywriting to move your products from ‘shelf’ to shopping cart

Image shows seven flesh-coloured women's shoes. Sellers need well-written product copy to help their products stand out in a crowded market place.

Attractive product copy helps you grow sales. But it also says a lot about your brand.

Fact is, copywriting product descriptions isn’t easy. With dozens – if not hundreds – of products to describe, it won’t take long to feel overwhelmed. And to run out of ideas and inspiration. Consequently you might be tempted to take some shortcuts. As a result that’s exactly how you end up with sloppy work like:

  • Copying the manufacturer’s description – word for word
  • Failing to use natural, jargon-free language
  • Stuffing product descriptions with too many adjectives
  • Bland product copy – they’re uninspiring, unconvincing, and devoid of personality

In other words, that’s why working with an e-commerce copywriter is a valuable investment: you minimize the chances of losing out on sales because of common product copy mistakes.

Start growing your sales today with e-commerce copywriting services

Tasked with writing your brand’s product descriptions? Drawing a blank on how to make your products stand out? Tired of putting shoppers off with bad product copy? A copywriter for e-commerce makes sure potential buyers have the information – and the impetus! – they need to add to cart!