Go from local legend to household name in the food industry

When you get all the marketing ingredients right, your food business can go from tasty idea to wildly profitable. 

Appetizing web copy, crisp landing pages, oh yum product descriptions, tasteful food blog posts, and inviting marketing emails—build the packaged food business of your dreams, leave the food copywriting to me. 

Food entrepreneurs, dig into this:

We can’t live without food.
We’ll resist the urge to buy new shoes and we’re willing to forego travel. But pass up on that chunky, chewy, chocolate chip cookie? I don’t think so!

Every food business begins with a motivation.
A hobby-turned-passion, a “secret family recipe”, an advocacy—like preserving a culture’s heritage flavors or making sure our kids consume food and drinks with less sugar.

Making money’s important but there’s nothing quite like making others happy.
We’re talking about that one-of-a-kind type of delight only really good food inspires!

Yet here’s some food for thought…

Getting your food brand off the ground, onto shelves, and then into shopping carts isn’t as simple as ‘make it and consumers will buy’. 

After all, it’s ultra-competitive out there—new F&B brands are cropping up all the time. (Yikes!) 

️Standing out on a crowded shelf, surrounded by aisle upon aisle of similar packaged food products? Yup, ? definitely no cakewalk. 

Translating likes and follows on social into enduring real-world sales? Not as easy as getting people to double tap, that’s for sure… 

There’s a lot—and I mean a lot—that goes into turning that brilliant, best-thing-since-sliced-bread idea into a sellable product. Bring it to market. And then leverage all that prep work to build a flourishing business.

But the juice is worth the squeeze!

Because when you get all the marketing ingredients right, your packaged food business can go from (just another) tasty idea to a wildly profitable venture.

The kind that propels your brand from weekend artisan food market stall to retail stores nationwide; from local legend to national success story. And who knows? Maybe even international darling.

So, what exactly are those marketing ingredients?

I’m glad you asked!

Because while HD photos and snappy food porn videos on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are the #1 go-to food marketing strategy these days, social is simply not enough.

Not if you want to build a sustainable business, not if you want to have a backup plan for when your Insta gets hacked! (Surprise: it happens way more often than you’d think.)

Yep, you need so much more than social.

You need things like an attractive brand website and mouth-watering food descriptions. Landing pages to announce new product launches or for advance orders. You’ll want to create juicy food articles for inbound and food content marketing. And let’s not forget about engaging emails! Food brands need those.

What do all the above have in common?

The answer is robust food copywriting!

Not just any old writing. The textured, brand-building, grab-attention kind of copywriting that people simply can’t resist. The kind that brings your food brand to life.

That’s why you’re here, searching for a food copywriter.

(Or, at the very least, why you’re strongly considering working with a freelance food writer.) 

A food and beverage copywriter with a conceptual mind—she’ll take your big idea and execute it multiple ways, across platforms and channels.  

Someone who’ll flex her creativity to write all the “cool” customer-facing stuff for you.  

A passionate storyteller whose words make an impact.

Hey ? that’s me…!

So what’s the ‘secret sauce’ behind every best-selling food brand’s success?

Two words: Radiant Copywriting.  

Just kidding ? but, also, I’m not really kidding… 

Because the truth is, copywriting may be just one of many moving parts required for packaged food business success but the quality of your copy will either make or break your brand. 

That’s why it’s so important to always, always choose to work with a professional copywriter. 

A food copywriter like me. 

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I live to eat live and breathe food.  

From fresh content to crafting a meaningful experience using nothing but words—I’m confident what I write will enhance your food marketing efforts! 

And if you scroll down just a little bit more, you’ll find an overview of my food copywriter services. That is, all the ways I’m ready to roll up my sleeves to help you bring good food and good vibes to as many tables as possible. 


Here's how you'll go from local legend to household name in the packaged food industry

Here’s how you’ll go from local legend to household name in the packaged food industry

From shelf to basket, I’ve got your back!

Website copywriting for food brands

From your area to the world ?

Your brand website is prime real estate. As your web copywriter, I won’t waste that space! From a distinctive homepage to introducing your products; a memorable origin story to your food philosophy—you get SEO web copy packed with personality. Made for your tribe!

Direct response landing page writer

More leads, more sales ?

Fire up interest for the launch of a hot new product. Announce a delectable special offer. Take advance orders for your latest bean-to-bar chocolate creation. Get people excited to sign up for your emails. I’m the F&B landing page copywriter you want for direct response copywriting that delivers. 

Oh-so-good descriptions

Descriptions that sell ?

Add to cart! Fresh. Yummy. Search-friendly. I write SEO product descriptions that move packaged food products from shelf to checkout counter.

Food & beverage content writer

Food content marketing that supports your ambitions ?

Grow your audience. Build an engaged community. Enchant with can’t-miss food content. From the lighthearted to the noteworthy, entertaining to insightful, I write food articles and blog content that gets readers coming back for more.

Email marketing writer for food and drinks

Better emails, period ?

Get made-for-your-market emails that keep your brand top of mind, boost engagement, and hey, maybe even drive online and in-store purchases.

Because guess what? There’s no such thing as “too small” to benefit from email marketing campaigns. There’s also no such thing as “social media’s all I need”. (Trust me on this—you’ll regret the opportunities you missed by dilly-dallying on building that email list.)

Trade show materials

Food business marketing collateral ?

Flyers, brochures, product catalogues—whatever your sales reps need, I’ve got you covered! Clear, concise, contextual food copywriting that’s always on brand and on time.

Food copywriting consultation

Content review and editing ?

If you’ve been wondering why you’re not selling more or why people aren’t buying from your online store, I’d say it’s time for a second opinion. To be more precise, I’m talking about an in-depth content review with me—your trusted food copywriter.

This is where I take a close, hard (and sometimes painful) look at what you’ve got and why it’s not working. I can either guide you on key points that need fixing or, if you’d rather NOT slave over every little word on every last page, I’ll do the clean-up work for you. It’s totally up to you.

The important thing is, with me as your content editing ally, we’ll make sure what you write does what it’s supposed to. And when we’re done, your marketing materials will live up to expectations. You’ll have radiant copywriting you can be proud of!


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