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Become top dog in the pet industry

Building a thriving pet business is hard work.
Writing resonant marketing messages doesn’t have to be.

Win the hearts of discerning pet parents with exceptional web copy, clear-cut landing pages, effective product and service descriptions, influential pet articles, and engaging marketing emails—even if you’re not a pet branding guru.

Heads up, petrepreneurs!

It’s the best time to be a pet business owner but marketing pet products is still no walk in the park.

There’s intense competition. (Blink and there’s yet another new guy on the block!) And, thanks to e-commerce and omnichannel marketing, the shopper journey is constantly evolving.

Put the two together and you have an environment where it’s that much tougher to break through the noise. Not to mention capture attention.

That’s something you know all too well…

You know from experience that you can be the greatest dog whisperer of all time, have every certification under the sun, plus go all-out to provide the best pet care services in your area—and still not be “good enough” to beat the competition.

You might have even learned the hard (read: expensive) way that all the innovation, new ingredient introductions, and superior raw materials are for naught if you don’t know how to reach the right audience—or how to write for them.

That “best intentions” and bright ideas may fuel your pet business passion but they’re not enough to generate sales—or sustain a business.

That’s why you’re here, searching for a pet copywriter.

Or, at the very least, why you’re exploring working with a pet writer.

Smart thinking, because the truth is…

Great success begins with the basics.

First, your pet brand needs to be findable. Second, your marketing message must resonate with pet parents.

That right there is the REAL key to unlocking your sales potential!

Because beyond what works for the budget, today’s consumers buy pet food, toys and accessories, and novel pet tech that reflect personal values, preferences, and lifestyle choices.

They buy from brands they know. Brands they like. Brands they trust.

Easier said than done in a hyper-crowded market!

I mean, what about that competitor with the enviably big budget for advertising? Or the gal who’s super active on social media? And the big-box retailer capable of undercutting everyone else in town?

While those are undeniable advantages, there’s still no replacement for radiant copywriting. The eye-catching, story-weaving, and trust-building kind of writing that moves people to take action.

You know exactly what I mean.

The kind of text that has you nodding along in agreement because “OMG these folks get it!

✅ An anti-static, anxiety-busting vest that comforts dogs terrified of rain? Add to cart stat!

✅ A no-scoop, self-deodorizing cat litter box—and it’s in pastel pink? Gotta have that!

✅ Machine-washable dental health toys for rabbits? Yup, just what my Bugs needs!


Now more than ever before, you need a pro pet copywriter for successful pet business marketing.

Pet copywriter, copywriter for pet- and animal-related products and services

So, why hire a freelance pet copywriter?

Because the pet industry is booming!

From premium pet foods (and designer diets) to pet products, services, veterinary care, and beyond—pet brands are pandemic-proof.

Fantastic news, except … how do YOU land your first paying customer?

I’m not talking about a few encouraging likes on social. Or a slight bump in your web traffic. And definitely not about those who will simply ghost you after inquiring! (No one likes a ghoster.)


What I’m talking about is, how do you secure (and grow) YOUR share of the market?

After all, a great reputation is a never-ending work-in-progress. Pet owners are famously hard to please. And just getting your brand out there—discoverable, known, top-of-mind—is a herculean challenge. Even in niche segments!

That struck a chord, right?

Well, all of the above?

That’s exactly why you need a pet industry copywriter.

Someone who knows the ins-and-outs of your industry. Who has first-hand knowledge of what customers want to know—and, more importantly, what persuades them to buy. A skilled animal writer who helps you build your brand AND saves you up to 15 hours per week you’d otherwise have spent writing about pets instead of working with them!

That’s why you need me.

Take your pet marketing to the next level with next-level pet copywriting.

Since you’re still reading, I’d like to let you in on a secret: Copywriting is just one of many moving parts required for success but the quality of your copy will either make or break your brand.

That’s why it’s so important to always, always choose to work with a professional copywriter.

(No offense to all the hobby writers out there.)

Whether you’re just getting started, poised for growth, or troubleshooting a worrying period of stagnation—I’m confident what I write will enhance your pet business marketing!

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I love animals. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, you name it.

I also love writing for ambitious pet businesses like yours. From informative to gratifying, heart-warming to heart-thumping, with me as your pet content writer, you get pet content that works for your brand and your audience.

Long story short, I write about pets.

And if you scroll down just a tad bit more, you’ll find an overview of some of my pet industry copywriting services.

Here’s how you can save 15 hours per week you’d otherwise spend writing pet CONTENT

Everything you need to hit the ground running!
(AKA all the pet copywriter services you’ll ever need…)

Pet business website copywriting

From your area to the world ?

From a multipurpose home page to the dreaded “About Us”, we’ll write copy perfect for your tribe—people who will buy from you. Because when you hire me as your pet website copywriter, you get SEO web copy with personality. Copy that positions your brand for the win!

Landing page copy for pet brands

More leads, more sales ?

Excited to announce the launch of a hotly-anticipated new product? Searching for effective ways to jump-start registrations for next month’s dog training camp? Or desperately want to grow your email list?

We’ll write pages that get the job done.

Because when you hire me as your pet landing page copywriter, you get direct response copywriting that converts. Direct response copy that prompts readers to act now—not later!

Irresistible pet product and service descriptions

Descriptions that sell ?

In the battle for sales, differentiation is the way to making bank. You can’t be like everyone else. And you can’t just copy/paste the manufacturer’s descriptions or leave your services to the client’s imagination.

Because that pet supplies e-commerce site ranking on the first page of Google? And the mobile pet groomer fully booked until December? Yep, they went the extra mile to write original copy.

From freeze-dried pet food and smart pet technology to essential pet care services, with me as your product description writer, you get copy that sets you apart. SEO product descriptions that zeros-in on value!

Packaging inserts and animal brochures

Small space, large impact ?

From surprise packaging inserts to marketing brochures that promote, educate or inform, your pet pamphlets can do a ton:

  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Inspire customers to leave a review or “like on social”
  • Delight with discount offers 
  • Share must-know information 

Because with me as your brochure writer, you get impactful brochure writing that gets readers to take action. Brochure content that packs a punch!

On-brand pet and veterinary content

Pet content marketing that supports your ambitions ?

The best pet brands don’t skimp on content. Content shows they care about their customers—and they mean serious business. Because great pet articles improve findability; attract clicks (and likes and shares); boost credibility; and even turns readers into leads. Carefully-crafted content that strengthens your brand!

Email marketing copywriting to grow your pet business

Better emails, period ?

Think you’re “too small” to benefit from email marketing campaigns? Feel that social’s more than enough?  

Think again…

The veterinarian downtown’s making sure he gets an email out at least once a month. And he’s sending more than appointment reminders. His emails contain pet care tips and information fur-parents can’t live without!

The Millennial running that trendy neighborhood pet store? She’s hustling, sending creative emails that drive both online and in-store purchases.

You can do that, too.

Because with me as your marketing email writer, we’ll build an email strategy made for your market and write engaging emails that help with brand recall. Email campaigns other petrepreneurs wish they had sent!

Pet marketing consultation

Content review and editing ?

It never hurts to get a second opinion. Especially if you’re scratching your head wondering why you’re not getting more inquiries. Or why no one’s buying from the online store you worked so hard to get up and running. And why you’re not 100% sold on what that other pet copywriter whipped up for you. 

If those scenarios sound familiar, then it’s time to sit down with me for a content review.  

That’s where we take a close, hard (and sometimes painful) look at what you’ve got and why it’s not currently working. I can either guide you on key points that need fixing or, if you’d rather NOT slave over every little word on every last page, I’ll do the clean-up work for you. It’s totally up to you. 

The important thing is, with me as your content editing partner, we’ll make sure your content does what it’s supposed to. When we’re done, your marketing materials will live up to expectations. You’ll have radiant copywriting you can be proud of!

I’m ready to become the leading pet brand in my area!

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