Landing Page Ideas For Small Businesses

Whatever your business, these landing page ideas can be adapted to suit your needs.

Landing pages for your small business

Whether it’s pure lead generation, securing bookings / reservations, or encouraging people to contact you, these days, you no longer need to hire a designer or developer to build your first landing page.

You can just sign up for one of a handful of high-quality, drag-and-drop landing page builders online to get the job done!

Instead, the challenging part is coming up with a campaign that will successfully convert visitors. In other words, thinking up interesting landing page ideas and then writing the corresponding copy to achieve defined goals.

Adaptable landing page ideas

From the benefits for small businesses to the types you can choose from, we now take a closer look at all the exciting ways you can use landing pages!

1. Coming soon announcements

Want to inform visitors that a brand new website is on the way? Or have a new product in the pipeline? A ‘coming soon’ landing page is exactly what you need when you want to drum up some excitement for what’s to come!

This type of landing page can be very basic – simply announcing that something great is coming the reader’s way soon – or it can be more strategic.

Namely, you can use a ‘coming soon’ landing page to:

  • Get visitors excited for what’s to come;
  • Present a virtual countdown for launch day;
  • Start building your email list by encouraging people to leave their email address, so they can be the FIRST to know when you launch.

If you really want to sweeten the deal, you might offer a special discount for those who agreed to be added to your mailing list.

2. Subscribe page

Want to attract blog subscribers? What about grow your newsletter or marketing email readership? Getting people to sign up for your content is made so much easier with a dedicated ‘subscribe’ page.

On this page, you focus on the perks of signing up and – if applicable – even allow people to choose what kind of communication they wish to receive from you.

3. Unsubscribe page

You made it easy to sign up for your news, so why not make it just as easy to unsubscribe? It might sound counterintuitive to your marketing goals, but it’s actually part of best practices and, in many countries, required.

An unsubscribe page is a great place to ask people to tell you why they’re leaving. That insight will help you learn more about reader expectations, develop better content, and write more engaging messages in the future.

4. Register page

Create a ‘register’ landing page when you want to motivate people to sign up for a free demo / trial or for them to actually gain access to—and use—a service you’re offering.

5. Booking / reservation / appointments landing page

Are you a service provider? As long as you need people to make an appointment (e.g. for consultation), reserve something, or make a booking then a landing page focused precisely on getting people to take that step can help you boost conversions!

This type of landing page is all about persuading readers to take a very specific action, so your copy will likely focus on why someone would want this particular service, package or promotion to begin with—and their direct benefits. You would also include social proof as well as pay extra attention to your call to action.

6. Request for call back page

The decision-making process for complex and high-involvement products or services may mean that you’ll need to do some extra convincing before you can move prospects down the sales funnel.

But rather than wait for prospects to get in touch with you (tip: they might never get around to it), you should offer to reach out to them first, so you don’t lose a valuable sales opportunity. A ‘request for call back’ landing page where leads give you their name, company name, email address and phone number can help you generate—and then nurture—marketing qualified leads.

7. Gated content landing page

Gated content is content that someone can only receive or gain access to if they provide you with contact data like an email address. Fact: It’s one of the most effective ways to generate leads.

You could create such a landing page for a wide range of content like how-to guides, infographics, reports and even discount codes. Once they have opted in to hear from you (so that they can receive their freebie), you can then reach out to them again in the future with other marketing messages.

8. Event promotion landing page

Landing pages can also be used to promote an event you’re holding or attending. For example: a conference, trade fair, seminar, or webinar.

If attending, use it to share dates, booth number and location.

If hosting:

  • Secure registrations (and payments);
  • For lead generation through gated content (downloadable PDF for more information, exhibitors list, etc.);
  • Receive inquiries via an embedded contact form.

9. Market the launch of a product or service

You’ve worked hard to bring your products and services to life, so give them a proper launch with dedicated landing pages.

The landing page is where you can go into greater detail about the new product / service, gather advance orders or simply promote their arrival to your target audience.

By the way, studies have found that companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%. In other words, the more landing pages, the more conversions!

10. Buy or download content landing pages

Whether you’re selling a book or items for download, such as custom fonts, studies, reports, comprehensive guides, e-books and other valuable content, landing pages can help you get the job done! You can use them to start accepting pre-orders or to direct users to your shopping cart.

11. E-course registration landing page

Are you offering an online course or training program? Take note: Landing pages are a great way to increase enrollments!

For the best results, your landing page should ideally:

  • Introduce the course;
  • Outline what’s included;
  • Highlight the benefits of joining;
  • Share necessary course details;
  • And introduce the instructor(s).

12. Sales landing pages

Whether it’s a weight loss program, roofing repair works, or a new line of BARF diet dog food, use sales landing pages to break down any remaining barriers to purchase—and convince readers to take action. That is, to finalize a purchase or schedule a consultation.

13. Property listing landing pages

If you’re a real estate broker, agent, or marketer, creating landing pages for your listings is a great way to land your properties in front of home buyers—and boost conversions!

Real estate landing pages encourage searchers to get in touch with you, request additional information or ask to schedule a viewing.

14. Pricing landing pages

Do you offer different pricing plans or product tiers? In other words, do you need prospects to make a selection in order to get started? Then a clear pricing landing page is a great way to support (read: simplify) the user’s comparison and therefore decision-making process!

15. Content / raffle landing pages

Will your business be running a contest or raffle? You can encourage participation – and generate leads – with a dedicated landing page that covers prizes and contest mechanics.

16. Landing pages for special offers

Landing pages make a great home for time-limited or special offers. For example: To sell seasonal treats like Christmas cookies or moon cakes or to market your summer wine tasting plus vineyard tour. The landing page should describe the offer as well as outline any terms and conditions.

17. Thank you landing pages

This is a simple landing page that thanks the user for completing a certain task such as making a purchase, filling out a survey, or downloading an e-book. A ‘thank you’ page is a great way to reinforce that the user made the right choice. That aside, it’s an added measure to minimize buyer’s remorse.

For example: Your ‘thank you’ landing page might include:

  • A thank you note for making the purchase;
  • Include ratings, reviews, or testimonials as part of social proof;
  • And maybe even a discount code to be used on their next purchase.

And there we have it! Seventeen versatile landing page ideas you can adapt to suit your needs. Which ones are you going to create first?