The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

Are you a hotelier or hotel marketer searching for examples of effective hotel copywriting? Need some inspiration? Then this post is for you!

As a copywriter, I’m always on the lookout for great copy. Copy that does its job really well; it captivates, grabs attention, and inspires action—or simply stands out in a positively memorable way.

And in this post, I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds from the hotel industry with you guys. So if you’re a hotelier or hotel marketer looking for examples of effective hotel copywriting, you’ve come to the right place. I’m sure you’ll walk away from this post feeling inspired!

Browsing hotel websites can get pretty boring – if not redundant – at times. One hotel website tends to sound just like the next one…

It makes sense, of course. A hotel has to mention their superb location, awesome amenities, and attractive room details.

But you also want to be different.

You want personality.

You need something that resonates so powerfully with potential guests that they progress from browsers into confirmed bookings.

That’s what this post is about: hotels that do an excellent job with their web copy. It’s about brands that aren’t afraid to stray from the ‘classic’ text template. And in the end, that’s what helps them stand out and attract new customers.

Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

COQ Hotel Paris

If there was ever a hotel website that made me curious enough to click on each and every menu button, it would be COQ Hotel Paris.

Examples of effective hotel copywriting: Find a fitting concept and weave that into your web copy and web design.

From what I’ve seen to date, they are the only ones who have labelled their menu navigation buttons according to hours of the day. And that’s not just creative, it’s also pure genius!

Why is it so brilliant? Their copy is built around a particular concept: the concept of time. In other words, time well spent at their hotel. That, in itself, is a powerful message.

That aside, the way it’s presented is just so unique that it piques your interest. What’s hidden behind those hours? What happens at 09h or 16h? Curiosity makes the reader want to explore the site in greater detail.

That’s a massive win for the hotel because every extra page read means additional opportunities to impress and convert lookers into bookers.

Takeaway: Find a fitting concept and weave that into your web copy and web design.