Should your hotel have a blog?

With numerous travel resources, guides, and destination vlogs at one’s disposal on the internet, is it still necessary for your hotel to have a blog?

Do hotels need to have a blog? Put another way: Are there significant hotel blogging benefits for hoteliers and their hotel marketers?

The answer to that question will depend on who you ask. For some, it’s not worth the effort. For others, it’s a key component of their hotel marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at the common arguments against and for blogging.

Reasons why you might not want to have a hotel blog

There are three main reasons your hotel might not want to take on the task of blogging.

1. It’s time-consuming

With your sales and marketing team already inundated with work, adding hotel blogging to their to-do list may simply not be feasible.

Setting aside the need for sufficient time to research, write and edit a quality piece of blog content, the hotel blogger also needs to brainstorm topics and ideas. Truth be told, finding the inspiration to actually get writing can feel like a burden. Simply put: When will you get it all done?

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2. What’s there to write about?

Gathering ideas and turning them into relevant, worthwhile topics for your target audience isn’t easy. You might feel like your content will just be a repeat of what the hotel down the street blogged about. Or a rehash of the information uploaded by a famous blogger.

Then there are more challenging cases. Like if your hotel is located in a place that travelers have never heard of nor really want to go to. It might not be a destination they dream about visiting as a destination.

In such cases, you’re left thinking: What could we possibly write about? And how do we make it so that our content actually gets found? That’s something I’ve been asked in the past.

Thinking up ideas plus the added need to be original and creative tends to discourage busy hotel marketers from blogging.

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3. It doesn’t necessarily lead to bookings

The biggest argument against blogging is that it doesn’t instantly increase conversions. That’s because readers will likely still be in their research stage and are therefore not yet ready to commit with an actual booking. Since all that effort may not lead to more bookings right now, a busy team may choose to forego blogging altogether in place of other approaches such as PPC ads.

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Advantages of blogging for your hotel

For some, investing in a hotel blog comes with more benefits than the ‘burden’ you might associate with it. Case in point:

1. It’s an inexpensive way to market your property

Blogging is a relatively affordable way you can market your property as well as your specific location as a desirable destination. This is especially true if you’re:

  • a smaller / new hotel
  • a boutique hotel
  • an independent hotel (i.e. not part of a large international chain)
  • targeting a very niche market

It’s also an economical way of organically driving traffic to your hotel’s website.

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2. Your hotel blog content could entice travelers to choose you

While a blog may not increase bookings immediately, your content could play an important role, if not be the decisive factor, in convincing potential travelers to choose your hotel on their next trip.

3. Improve your search engine performance

Search engine algorithms are complex and many factors contribute to where you land among all the relevant results. But as of now, we know that search engines appreciate and reward websites that continuously update their content. Regular updates in the form of quality, original content on your blog can therefore help your search engine ranking—it’s one of the most compelling reasons for hotels to have a blog.

4. It can expand your potential client base

The great thing about a blog is that it allows you to reach a wide audience around the world – that is, new readers that may eventually become new guests.

Through your blog, you’re connecting with would-be guests at a critical stage in their travel-purchase journey. And you’re getting your hotel in front of people who are at their happiest and most excited. They’re already dreaming about your destination and more likely to be persuaded to book with you.

5. Build your brand awareness

The reality is that, in most cases, the only way travellers learn about your hotel is through an OTA. But with OTA’s eating a substantial chunk of your revenues, you’re probably looking to reduce reliance on them. By blogging you can naturally build awareness as to your existence and, through the appropriate content, reinforce what your brand is all about.

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If you’d like to incorporate a blog into your hotel marketing but simply don’t have the time for it, the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. I’m here to help.

Contact me for brand-relevant & quality content for your hotel blog!