The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

Awasi Iguazu

Let’s deviate from examples of effective hotel copywriting for a second to talk about content writing.

A large majority of hotels still don’t take blogging seriously and that’s more than just a shame – it’s a lost opportunity.

Awasi Iguazu Luxury Lodge, on the other hand, actively update their blog and it’s awesome!

While others only have 3 or 4 posts then radio silence, these guys keep at it; they share hotel updates, destination insights, and other stories of interest to potential customers.

Not only is it great for improving their search engine presence, but it’s a very organic way to:

  • Promote achievements they’re proud of – like being named one of the 10 best hotels of 2019 or how they’re a carbon neutral experience;
  • Take us behind the scenes and highlight certain aspects of their business, such as new tours & excursions or how they create slow food;
  • Introduce their part of the world to the rest of us through various types of content from photos to videos to interviews and so on.

All this to say: if you aren’t already blogging for your hotel, then you haven’t maximised every marketing opportunity available to help you build and grow your brand.

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Also, if you’re in need of great ideas for your hotel website – and the winning copy to go with it – consider working with a hotel copywriter.