The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

Fusion Suites, Fusion Resorts

I love everything about every single Fusion Suite and Fusion Resort website. As far as I’m concerned, these guys are doing everything right!

From downloadable travel guides for each of their locations, which seriously get you raring to go, to the deliberate naming of “offers” and “hotel facilities” pages as [Stay and Save] and [Features] respectively – there’s really nothing to fault. It’s all very carefully thought-out and crafted to highlight value.

But what I want to draw extra attention to are their separate brand ‘welcome’ pages.

Examples of effective hotel copywriting: Know your guests and take every opportunity to create and highlight value that appeals to them.

Notice how the introduction isn’t blatantly about them? It’s for and about you – the potential guest, the booker.

But in describing their target customer’s needs and wants, you get a clear picture of what they’re all about.

Here’s another example:

This style of welcome text is incredibly effective because:

  • There’s no question about their target market—they actually tell us who their hotels will appeal to.
  • They’ve subtly indicated what their brand is about without having to talk about themselves. Note how it’s not about what they have to offer, it’s about what you’re going to get. (Yes, there’s a difference!)
  • They’ve tapped into aspirational elements. If you see yourself in the description or want to be that type of traveler, then you’re more likely to click through and book with them.

That’s what makes it incredibly compelling copy! (And a superb example of effective hotel copywriting.)

Takeaway: Know your guests – what motivates them, what they dream of, how they want the world to see them. Also, take every opportunity to create and highlight value.