The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

The Silver Palm

Rather than the typical “location” page, The Silver Palm opted for a convincing [Stay with us?] page, where there’s no waxing poetic about the neighbourhood or nearby attractions.

Instead, it’s all about practical aspects that matter to the traveler – in fact, every category of traveler to their city.

Examples of effective hotel copywriting: Back up bold claims with relevant facts or figures.

This approach has several benefits: it creates universal appeal, provides useful information (particularly for first-timers to the city), incorporates relevant keywords, and shows that they understand different segments’ location-specific criteria.

But most importantly it validates the substantial statement that they’re “a hotel for every traveler”. In other words, they give real reasons, complete with figures, to prove their point.

Takeaway: When you make bold claims, make sure you back them up with relevant facts or figures. Otherwise you won’t be taken seriously.