The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

Cape Heritage Hotel

We can all agree: no one wants to go on holiday and dine at the same restaurant day-in, day-out for the duration of their stay.

(So why do hotels insist on writing only about their own F&B establishments?)

That’s exactly why Cape Heritage Hotel stands out.

Their [Information] page offers an exciting take on the usual content that normally goes on such pages. And it shows confidence, because they’re comfortable enough to endorse other great places for guests to enjoy.

Examples of effective hotel copywriting: Don't be afraid to share the limelight with other great businesses

This approach does so well for several reasons:

  • It engages readers.
  • Potential customers instinctively want to stay there, since there’s so much to look forward to and enjoy in the area.
  • The presentation of all this information leaves a good impression. It’s evident that Cape Heritage Hotel is a proud member of the local community and not a stand-alone entity focused only on their own gain.

Note: The success of your own F&B department obviously takes priority over other dining establishments. But by drumming up excitement for all the great places to eat in and around your hotel ahead of time – information you wouldn’t be reluctant to share through your concierge service, in-room folder, or with a customized neighbourhood map at check-in anyway – the easier it will be to convince prospects to book their stay at your hotel. And isn’t that the point, to land more bookings?

Takeaway: Whether it’s neighbouring shops worth visiting, cafes and restaurants worth trying, or memorable events worth joining – don’t be afraid to share the limelight with other notable businesses. You’ll benefit from it, too.