The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

Hotel Cappuccino

So many hotels claim to be environmentally-friendly or to be doing their part for the community… except they don’t actually tell us much about how they’re going about it.

Hotel Cappuccino isn’t one of those hotels.

These guys are up front about the various CSR initiatives they’ve implemented and make sure the information isn’t hidden, left on the sidelines, or happening behind-the-scenes. They have a [Shared Values] page, which is given as much importance as those dedicated to rooms or food & drinks.

Examples of effective hotel copywriting: Let customers know what your hotel is committed to and really proud of.

Their copy makes such a strong impact because:

  • Information about their so-called ‘in-room shared value’ isn’t isolated or limited to the [Shared Values] page. It’s also mentioned in room descriptions.
  • The copy is easy to read and down-to-earth, which makes it easy for guests to buy into.
  • The presentation of the 9 ways to make a difference adds to bookers’ feel-good factor—and that’s great marketing!

I mean, why choose to stay elsewhere when staying here means making a positive impact?

These days, such values and transparency go a long way. And for conscientious travellers, that could very well be the deciding factor to book their Seoul stay with Hotel Cappuccino.

Takeaway: If there’s a topic or initiative that your hotel is committed to and really proud of, find an interesting way to share that information with your readers. Good values plus being a conscientious member of society and the local community are not just highly appreciated these days – it’s expected.