The Best Examples of Effective Hotel Copywriting

Penh House & Jungle Addition

The use of the word “you” in copywriting is incredibly powerful. So while Penh House & Jungle Addition’s decision to use [Your Room] instead of just “Rooms”, “Accommodation” or some other variation of it might seem like a small detail, it’s actually really smart and highly effective.

Examples of effective hotel copywriting: Don't underestimate the conversion power of the word "you".

“Your Room” transports the reader to the destination and, more importantly, to this specific hotel. Two simple words prompt prospects to instinctively picture themselves in this space, as already having chosen one of the rooms at Penh House & Jungle Addition.

When it comes to hotel copywriting, every little detail counts and small changes like this can have a huge impact on the number of bookings.

Takeaway: Don’t underestimate the conversion power of the word “you”. Addressing readers with “you” makes you approachable and creates a sense of familiarity that readers tend to be drawn to.