Here’s Why Pet Copywriting Has an Indispensable Role in Effective Pet Marketing

No, you can’t cut corners on professional pet copywriting. Not if you want the best pet marketing!

Everyone wants a piece of the pet business pie…

From innovative pet food manufacturers and fancy pet grooming supplies to pet subscription box services, creative pet toys, smart pet tech, and niche pet health products—the pet market has new brands joining the fray every single day.

Makes sense: The pet industry is incredibly attractive because it’s incredibly lucrative. It’s also apparently recession-proof and immune to the pandemic.

Remember the height of the pandemic? Back when we were all isolating alone? Well, pet companionship made it all better. (That’s why we saw an increase in pet adoption and, unfortunately, even pet theft during those days.

The thing is, with pet ownership comes the need for daily pet essentials: Food, supplies (e.g. leash & harness, food & water bowls, grooming items etc.), vet care, health products, training, insurance and more. And amongst decent human beings, that commitment’s for life.

We also love to pamper our pets. When the going gets tough, we’ll cut back on ourselves but continue to splurge on our furry friends. (Because Good Dog deserves nothing but the best!)

And to add to the robust demand for pet products and services is the growing preference, in some countries, for fur babies over actual babies. That is, people choosing to raise pets instead of children. In turn, a fraction of what they would have spent on kids now goes to a wide range of products and services for their pets.

The numbers look great. No wonder everyone wants a piece of the pet business pie!

The problem is, with more competition comes more stress.

I’m talking about the pull-your-hair-out kind of frustration felt from wondering: What do I have to do to actually start making good money with this pet business?

Thoughts like:

  • Where will I find my first customer? And then the next, next, and next?
  • How do I market my pet products in such a crowded space?
  • What’s the best way to break through all the noise?
  • How will I make a steady income?
  • How can I build a lasting brand?

You see, getting a business started is one thing but sustaining and growing it is another. That’s probably why you’re reading this post. You’re wondering, what are you missing?

How complete is your pet marketing?

Petrepreneurs, I’d like to ask you just three questions.

  1. Compared with the resources you put into paying for professional photography and to design a modern website plus beautiful logo, how much went towards your pet copywriting?
  2. How much thought went into defining your brand voice or into researching, planning, and incorporating relevant SEO keywords into your web copy?
  3. Do you put as much care into your product descriptions and blog posts as you do in piecing together the perfect few lines for your social media posts?

Chances are, you’re willing to spend on everything else except the words that build, sell, and grow; the words your customers have to read.

You’re willing to invest in:

  • Stunning packaging design—but not on the words that go on (and sell) the box.
  • Cute photos of you at work—but not on the description (and value) of your services.
  • Someone to get your website up and running—but not on a professional pet writer to craft the copy for it.

See? Copywriting is the frequently neglected component of pet marketing. But if you’re willing to invest in a website developer, graphic designer, and professional photographer, then shouldn’t securing the services of a pet copywriter also be a no-brainer?

After all, what you write matters. Because it’s not like you can take every phone call or always be physically present to talk or explain things to your customers.

Most of the time, you’ll be communicating through the text on your website, the marketing emails you send, your social media posts, and via your packaging copy. In short, what you write will do the talking for you. All the more reason for high quality pet copy! That’s exactly why pet copywriting isn’t some postscript to your pet marketing efforts—it’s a fundamental component.

Here’s why you need pro copywriting to successfully market your pet products and services

Search for pet-related products or services and you’ll find hundreds of suitable page results to choose from. Great for the searcher, not so great for the brand that has to break through all that noise just to get some attention.

Because when you have so many competitors, how do you get your pages to rank highly on search engines and convince people to click through to your page? How do you keep readers interested long enough, so that they explore what you have to offer? And how do you get those readers to like (and trust) you?

The answer is effective pet website copywriting. So here’s why you can’t skip the copywriting part of marketing your business.

✅ You need SEO copy to do well on search engines.

What you write must satisfy real people and search engines. Without proper keyword research and without SEO best practices, it’s going to be very hard for your pages to be findable on search engines like Google. And if you’re not findable, do you really exist?

✅ It sets you apart.

Copywriting is how you’ll differentiate yourself from all the other pet food manufacturers and pet care services in your area. What you write should make it clear why a pet parent should choose you.

✅ It’s one way to endear yourself to the reader.

Well-written pet copy paints an authentic picture of who you are. It conveys your brand’s personality and values, which is something potential customers care about—people buy from brands they like, brands they trust.

Think about it: If a page doesn’t appeal to you, it won’t keep your attention. And if it doesn’t keep your attention, there’s very little chance it will resonate with you or win your over. The result? Lost sales.

✅ It’s what sells your products and services.

Did you know that over 85% of shoppers consider product descriptions very important when making a purchase decision?

That means, if you’re a direct-to-consumer brand or sell pet products and services online, you must pay extra attention to your product descriptions—it plays an important role in convincing a reader to add to cart; search for stores that carry your items; or to schedule an appointment.

✅ It boosts landing page conversions.

From getting people to sign up for your marketing emails to persuading readers to take advantage of a really sweet deal, it’s effective landing page copywriting that moves people to take action.

✅ It’s what makes your product more attractive than the items next to it.

A product’s packaging may be what initially draws your eye to an item on the shelf, but it’s the words on the box that persuade you to purchase it. What you write is especially important because design can be embellished but text has to adhere to advertising guidelines.

✅ It helps you make a great first impression.

From order confirmation emails to packaging inserts you’ll include in shipments and even the flyers you’ll hand out around the neighborhood, great copywriting helps you make a great first impression with new and returning customers.

✅ They make your emails worth reading.

The truth is, most marketing emails go unread. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sending them. They’re what help keep your brand top of mind. They nurture relationships. They can also drive sales. All that only if your emails make for an enjoyable read. That’s where copywriting comes in!

✅ It’s what brings in more readers.

This pertains to content writing and creation, but the same idea applies: When you get your content writing right, you reap big benefits.

  • Create the right type of content and you can attract people that you might have never been able to with regular pages. In other words, those searching for very specific topics can end up discovering you via your blog.
  • Content brings people to your website organically, i.e. without you having to pay for ads. The secondary benefit? Those posts will continue to do so even in the future.
  • They help you get new leads. Because a casual reader today can become a paying customer tomorrow.
  • You build credibility as well as authority in your field by showcasing knowledge as well as expertise.

In short, you need quality copywriting to complete your pet marketing!

Words alone can’t take you from zero to hero. But I hope this post showed you just how important it is to invest in professional copywriting for your pet brand. In fact, your pet marketing will never be complete without it.

Keep in mind that, if you want to succeed, you can’t just throw together a few words and call it a day. You can’t just set it and forget it either—your copy will always be a work in progress. And it’s never a good idea to delegate the task of writing to whoever happens to have some extra time for writing. Work with the best if you want the best results.