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The smart choice for the influential B2B copy you need

Build your brand, secure valuable inquiries and form long-lasting client relationships. All this begins with impactful B2B copy—and a great B2B copywriter.

Boring, dry or convoluted copy doesn’t move prospects down the sales funnel. It won’t even attract interest.

  • What future clients want is a clear solution to their problems—not business jargon.
  • They need confidence in your brand—clarity, not marketese or tedious reads.
  • And they must be given the impetus to take action—not left wondering what to do next.

That is to say, prospects have to understand your offer. Moreover, they must be motivated enough to get in touch. Your business copywriting has a powerful role in all this.

What is a B2B writer and how do I know if I need one?

A B2B copywriter writes text for business-to-business marketing materials—copy that promotes B2B products and services. In short: words that sell.

It isn’t always easy figuring out if you need the services of a B2B copywriter. But the fact that you’re here – reading this page – means you already have a good idea that something isn’t right. That you could honestly be doing better.

Consider the following:

  • Wondering why you can’t seem to land your offers in front of the right (read: serious) people?
  • Is it a never-ending uphill battle just to generate interest for your solutions?
  • Do prospects disappear on you, never to be heard from again?
  • Are you struggling to get customers to commit to your product or service?
  • Is it time to increase sales and grow your business?

Chances are you answered yes to at least one of those questions. And that means you can—and will—benefit from proper B2B copywriting.  

Land serious leads for your business

B2B copywriting services

As a freelance B2B copywriter, I work with startup B2B businesses as well as companies looking to turn disappointing sales around.

So whether you need successful copy that works from the get-go or want a much-needed refresh to combat lacklustre sales, my B2B copy has you covered.

Web copy
Sales landing pages
E-commerce copy
Product brochures and sales catalogues
B2B content: blogs and newsletters

Want clean and clear copy that persuades the mind and wins the hearts of your clients?