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Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to sell more real estate?

Becoming a successful real estate professional with a regular income is hard work. It’s easier if you have the right tools to attract more buyers and sellers.

What do I mean by the right tools? Simple: your website, real estate landing pages, real estate ads, property descriptions and email campaigns to name a few. In other words the marketing materials you need to land leads and close a sale.

They matter because your income is directly tied to how much you sell. But moving prospects from interest to commitment is a challenge. In reality, it’s often the quality of your real estate copywriting that plays a decisive role in what happens next.

Why does writing for real estate matter?

It’s almost certain that there will be weeks and sometimes even months where the greatest perseverance – the running around at all hours of the day, phone calls, back-and-forth emails, negotiations – amounts to nothing.

You could run from one property to another with a full schedule of showings only for those prospects to let you know they found something better. Or you might find yourself waiting for scheduled clients that never actually show up.

Once you’ve experienced that, you know just how important it is to land serious and qualified leads. You realise that the quality of your listings influences who clicks ‘inquire’ and who is just wasting your time.

All this to say there’s a lot of work that goes into getting inquiries. And much of that work involves getting your real estate copy right. That’s exactly why you should seek the expertise of a real estate copywriter.

To start:

  • Your personal brand and your listings need to be findable on search engines.
  • Property descriptions need to attract interest but also acquire leads and motivate them to take action.
  • Your real estate products and services have to be clear and compelling.
  • You also need to be likeable—and earn prospects’ trust. After all, buying and selling homes are high-involvement activities.

What do all these requisites have in common? Again, it’s the quality of your real estate copywriting. In short what (and how) you write about your properties can mean the difference between earning your commission and having all your effort go to waste. Either you work yourself to exhaustion or you let your real estate copy work for you. I know what I’d prefer! What about you?

real estate and property copywriter - copywriting services for real estate brokers, agents, and property developers

How can a real estate copywriter help you build up your career?

On any given day, whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, property manager or property developer, you’re already juggling an immense workload.

You are busy:

  • Searching for clients and acquiring new listings
  • Developing marketing plans and putting them into action
  • Updating real estate listings on multiple platforms
  • Promoting yourself and your listings
  • Taking calls and responding to correspondence like emails, texts and messages over social networking sites
  • Showing properties whenever a prospect is available—on weekends and even at night when the client is off work
  • Tracking and following up on leads
  • Working on a wide range of real estate paperwork from lease records to purchase agreements
  • Providing pre- and post-sales customer service

That’s a lot. And it’s overwhelming. Also, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to manage all that work and still have time for yourself and your family.

So whether you’re new to the job (and need a helping hand to set you off on the right foot) or a seasoned pro (short of time for writing real estate content), a real estate copywriter can help you grow your business.

Get more inquiries for your real estate products and services

Real estate copywriting service

Are you struggling to make a name for yourself in the real estate industry? Worrying about how to drum up business? Do you simply need more time to actually work with prospects?

Then it’s time to hire a real estate writer!

My freelance real estate copywriter service covers everything you need to sell more homes today.

Copywriting for real estate websites

I write brand-building, persuasive website copy that gives you a competitive edge—and supports page goals. Moreover, my local SEO web copy gives real estate brokers, property managers and real estate developers a valuable boost on search engines.

Real estate landing page text

Promote your listings, services or open-house events with targeted landing pages. My landing page copy drives conversions, so you get more value out of each click.

Property descriptions

Want to sell more real estate? You’ll need quality property descriptions – the kind that grabs attention, keeps the reader engaged, and has them reaching for their cell phones to schedule a viewing. Contact me for memorable real estate descriptions that get prospects to take action.

Real estate email campaigns, handouts, brochures

I write a wide range of real estate sales and marketing materials including email marketing campaigns, customer handouts and PDFs and other promotional collateral.

Content writing for the real estate industry

From customer stories to industry news, buyer / seller tips and more – whatever your brand needs, I can write it for you. My real estate content is an essential addition to your inbound marketing initiatives. I’ll help your real estate blog rank on search engines, resonate with your target audience and build confidence in your brand.

Content audit and editing services

Already have real estate sales and marketing materials? Know your website and listings could be doing better but can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong—or how to make improvements? Then it’s time for a real estate content audit. I go through all your sales and marketing materials personally, giving you useful and actionable feedback you can apply to your real estate marketing touchpoints today.

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