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Real estate descriptions that sell

Are these concerns keeping you up at night?

  • How can you increase your real estate inventory? With more ‘for sale by owner’ properties, it’s getting harder to find sellers.
  • Where can you find new clients? Property listing websites and real estate apps have become renters and buyers go-to destination for their real estate needs.
  • What’s the most cost-effective way to generate qualified new leads? Paid ads (online and offline) are expensive and prime keywords competitive.
  • How can you sell homes faster? Winning clients’ confidence and presenting properties in an attractive way to garner interest and drive action.

The reality is your income directly depends on how many homes you successfully rent out or sell. And a large part of that success comes from the quality of your real estate sales and marketing materials.

Unlike salaried employees, you only make money when you close a deal. But to do that you first need to attract potential clients. And when you’re busy generating leads, working with buy and / or sell-side customers and handling paperwork, there’s often not enough time (or even energy) to write striking sales copy.

A property copywriter would be a valuable investment.

real estate and property copywriter - copywriting services for real estate brokers, agents, and property developers

What is a real estate copywriter?

A real estate copywriter is someone who writes real estate descriptions that sell, whether that is a property listing, landing page, or necessary real estate blog content.

Real estate brokers, agents, property developers and even property management companies are the independent professionals and businesses that can benefit from real estate copywriting services.

Land new leads for your listings

Truthful, high-quality photos are a must but you know that photos alone don’t sell.

You also need to:

  • Earn clients’ trust;
  • Market yourself (that you are worth the commission);
  • Promote the property to the right people;
  • Increase click-through rates for your website / listings;
  • And inspire searchers to take action.

That’s why you need a copywriter for real estate.

When you hire me as your real estate description writer, you get a copywriter that can clearly communicate your strengths and the full scope of your service; understands sales and buyer psychology; helps you stand out with detailed, precise, and creative real estate copy.

My real estate copywriting services include:

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